January 31, 2012

Found Man, Lost Country

By LJ Goes

Richard Catlett, a missing adult with autism from Naperville, Illinois, has been found.

As I write this, I watch from the window in my study as a young woman walks with seven disabled adults around the pond behind my house. I can tell three of them have the false diagnosis of autism. As I read the story, I am thrilled to see Richard has been found. I actually became very excited at the idea of him being a good runner, that he was about to begin a job in food service. Of course, I hold in my heart the hope of a full recovery for my Noah. But, I can't help but wonder if the moms of these adults walking around our pond, thought the very same thing.

I also, cannot help but feel great despair at the idiocy of the closing comment on the attached report. "...Richard Catlett has “no other underlying medical condition that we are aware of other than autism."

 "Autism" is not technically a medical condition. It is a made up word for several severe medical illnesses that cause (which means RESULTS IN) profound neurological damage. Autism is a disease that has at it's cellular core, greed and destruction. It is a man made illness that is taking our children's health. The same greed that created autism also creates asthma, allergies, adhd, arthritis, and diabetes--daily. The big dogs like nagalese and mycoplasma I'll save for another day--unless you live in our world--the world of non-pharma funded research--these very real and very sad medical conditions could terrify you. I don't want that. If you're scared you can't help me. And I need your help. People like Richard need your help. We cannot do this alone.

I wonder, how many of those adults that just passed my window will have access to the services they are getting right now, due to the changes in the DSM? I wonder if this walk, probably the only break their aged parents get in a day, will be taken from them? While other countries are battling autism and winning, America is still trying to figure out what to call it. America is still trying to hide the real numbers. Creating the illusion of a "spectrum". Kids are healthy or sick. If they are on maintenance medications to stay healthy, they are not healthy. They are sick. The spectrum, instead of provoking medical and research professionals to enthusiastically study causation, has done nothing but create a bunch of parents who are fighting to get their kid to the top of the food chain, "high functioning." Then they get there and realize their still sick kid, because he looks less sick than the others, doesn't get any help for his illness because he is better at disguising it.

They are on their second lap. An incredibly handsome african american man with very smart glasses and a pea coat with animal hair all over it folds his hands in front of his face as he walks. He is staring at his fingers. "Nice hands." I mumble. He is trying to control his temper. My son Noah does the exact same thing. He is 5.
No one wonders why. They just sit around in ivory towers spending all your money trying to figure out what to call it. Your country. Our children. Aren't you the least bit curious?


Lori-ann said...

Thought provoking post. Well written. Thank you for sharing what's on your mind. I'll post a link on my FB page for Autism, Asperger's and More, Oh my!

Unknown said...

thank you so much Lisa, for always being willing to keep the truth constantly in the spot light, and never backing down.