April 1, 2011

North Carolina Tries to Ram Through Bill to KILL Alternative Medical Treatments in One Day

This email went out tonight from a citizen in North Carolina calling for help in getting the word out on SB31 which someone attempted to present and pass in one day! The vote has been moved to Monday and we need to get the word out on this to all North Carolinians by then.

Post this everywhere and send it to everyone.

This is really unbelievable.

Something that some people call a "sleeper bill" slipped under the radar. It came to the judiciary subcommitte yesterday morning and despite having a packed house, even after the meeting place was relocated, public comment wasn't even allowed. It was supposed to come to full floor vote today, but somehow got delayed until Monday. It's expected to pass, but then Our Governor Bev Perdue will have 10 days to Yea it or veto it. We hoping against hope for a NO vote, but would settle for a veto.

What it is:
It will make unlicensed alternative medical practicioners subject to felony prosecution, if someone decides to prosecute them. It will not affect chiropractors, acupuncturists, or doctors of chinese medicine who are already licensed in our state. It will affect all other alternatives, like homeopathy, naturopaths, ayurvedic, etc. (North Carolina's medical board has refused to set up licensing for these others despite repeated attempts.) Now they want to make it a felony. This will directly affect families here trying to heal their children who have been let down by the allopathic/western medicine doctors who offer next to no help re: autism. It will also affect midwives, so that then women everywhere in our state will no longer be able to choose HOW to have a baby, because what midwife will want to risk having a felony conviction just for helping another woman. Those women will be forced into hospitals, with all the accompanying chemicals and approaches and newborn shots.

Any family trying to find healing outside of mainstream medicine is going to be affected!

If you are able to list an action alert for North Carolinians, (or I guess anyone, maybe if they think the whole country is watching it will make the news?) it would be so appreciated.
Here is our governor to contact:


Here is the link for NC Reps for people to know their rep down here and also read the bill, if they want to.


Although I'm not a good speaker, I've also contacted by email our League of Women Voters in NC, because it's such a womens' reproductive health issue, as well as the National Organization for Women, naturalnews.com, Alliance for Natural Health. I have other groups I want to contact and will work on that again tomorrow, and also groups involved in cancer, lyme disease, MS, CFS, anaphalactic allergy groups, guiallen barre, etc. Maybe also NVIC, but I need phone calls and emails.

Thanks for anything you can do!


Mrs. Ed said...

I fear many more states will begin to see this. Mainstream medicine has completely neutered itself by ignoring dietery issues and many other research proven health issues, so now what...make anyone who is a threat a felon. Nice...and to be expected. Then what? Will parents who take thier kid off the government food pyramid be next?

Unknown said...

always trying to eliminate the competition by any means necessary. really. western medicine should be more willing to work with these alternative practitioners to better help patients. unfortunately, i believe that most (but not all) allopathic doctors either don't really give a damn about their patients or are so undereducated/brainwashed when it comes to how the body works that they think any alternative medicine is quackery. it's a shame.

Rosie said...

The same is happening in the EU:


Big pharma clearly wants to get rid of its competition before they lose profit due to patent expiry.


Josh Day said...

Blogger just ate my long comment.

We live in this crappy state. This is one reason why my wife gave birth unassisted. It's hard to find real midwives as it's already illegal to practice as a "lay midwife." You can get "midwives," but they are medwives who have no power and operate under the watch of some asshole OB-GYN.

Raw milk is also illegal here to sell. Glad I live ten minutes from the SC border.

In the end this bill will change nothing, if it passes or if it gets killed. Things are already pretty bad.

In fact, if this thing passes such as it is as a sleeper bill, it's going to pick up a lot of flak and strengthen a lot of people's resolve.

"The more you squeeze your fist the more star systems will slip through your fingers."

- Princess Leia