April 16, 2011

My Gratitude to David Kirby

I was putting together a presentation in my head this morning on the bills in Maine... a quick pitch to doctors on how futile their current denial of vaccine injury is in light of all happened right out there in the media where everyone can see it... The Poling press conference on CNN, Gerberdings mito/vaccine/autism admission on CNN, Suchat's statement that we would not screen for mito to prevent vaccine induced brain damage because it was too expensive in the AJC, HHS admission via David Bowman that vaccine encephalopathy causes autism, Gerberdings secret 'retraction' of Verstraeten, and on and on

And I realized that every point I was putting together, all of it, owed its existence to David Kirby. If not for his digging, not one of these would have come to light, and things would be just like they were when Chandler regressed in 2003.

So I wanted formally thank him publicly. Kirby is smart and dedicated and he could have chosen a path that would have brought him public accolades, huge salaries, and lots of rubbing of elbows with the rich and powerful and corrupt. But instead he chose to climb down into the trench with us and serve the interests of a bunch of sick and medically neglected children.

Just like Bernie deserves a Nobel prize that he will never see, David is owed a Pulitzer or two or three.

David, whether or not the world ever recognizes what you have done, you will always have my undying gratitude. We will never know how many children are neurologically whole today because you sounded the alarm and cautioned parents that there is a problem.

Thank you.


K Fuller said...

David is a real journalist, an investigative reporter. Most of the others are just repeaters.
Thank you David.

grantsmama said...

Yes, thank you David. Please keep up the good work - we need you.

Kim said...

Love me some David Kirby!!!

Wade Rankin said...


Jane said...

Thank you David, I will continue to support you and your efforts regarding bringing awareness to ASDs and the millions of families affected. I will buy all your books and leave encouraging comments on all your columns. Then I will digest and spread your knowledge.

Mrs. Ed said...

You are right. This man is putting his career in total jeapordy to get the truth out.