April 11, 2011

The Godboldo Case: How Mainstream Med Continues to Self Immolate

Maryanne Godboldo vaccinated her child and the child suffered a severe neurological regression.

So Maryanne naturally took her child to the doctor to get help.

Doctor prescribed Ripseridal, which did not help, but made the child aggressive.

Mom took child off dangerous/ineffective drug, just as she should have.

Seems like a story you and I have heard a thousand times, right?

But the Mainstream Med is getting more and more touchy about being questioned, and actually thinks that this mother had no right to stop a drug (that has killed dozens of children a year) that was HURTING her child. CPS shows up (with out a warrant as far as we can tell), cops come, escalation, jail, foster care, public outcry and now the end result for Mainstream Medicine...

More earnest parents walking away because they see that it is only growing in its abuse of power and children.

This post on facebook today from a mom captures the sentiment that has become more prevalent and is making a big jump with the publicity in this case:

"Ok, that's it. I'm never going to a mainstream pediatrician again. They can call CPS, say "This woman is not giving her child the meds we prescribed. Take the child away from her"...and they get an emergency order rather than giving this family a hearing. Well, my son was prescribed Flonase for a sinus infection, I wouldn't give it to him. Come and get me."

So I continue to ask the question I have been asking for years....

Hey Mainstream Med... WHAT IS YOUR PLAN? How long will you wring your hands at the lack of trust that parents have for you, before you take a look in the mirror and face the fact that you are not trustworthy?

Individual doctors, do you see that you are being pushed away from being healers to simply becoming drug pushers?  Is that why you went to medical school in the first place?  Of course it wasn't.



Laura said...

At my son's one year well child visit with a new pediatrician, I refused all the vaccines being pushed. He had very recently been sick and was still getting over the bug and I was still new to the vaccine conversation and after having strong suspicions of the damage they did to my first born child, I was hesitant to say the least.

The pediatrician came UNGLUED. She ranted about how I was putting my son's life in danger and how I was making a terrible choice for him and how vaccines were "the most important thing" doctors do (don't nurses give the vaccines typically?) and if I refuse vaccines why come to the doctor at all. She walked out after making me sign the whole declination form, which I gladly signed at that point. So, they go to med school, pay all that money, work all those hours, so a nurse can administer a vaccine?

Needless to say, we never went back to her.

Unknown said...

Thank you, Ginger, for you ever-present wise and fearless defense of our children and our rights.

Mrs. Ed said...

And add this to the mix:


Soon they'll be calling CPS on us for not allowing school lunch crammed down our kids throats. What is this coming too?

Stephanie said...

Yes, yes yes!

I was almost turned into CPS by the school psychologist for doing the DAN protocol for crying out loud. Now, the activist mom in me, the mom who wants to get the word out about the fact that autism can be recovered, has been silenced. Why? B/c I have to put my own children first and if my being "vocal" is going to land them in foster care then I have not done my job as a mother.

My friend WAS turned in for giving her son a homeopathic remedy for strep instead of an antibiotic (and for...oh the horror...stopping his vaccines when he regressed into autism).

Sad that the peds have their hands tied in a way. If THEY rise up, they might be booted out of the profession all together (although, would THAT be so bad?).

So we all go about our business doing (or pretend to be doing) what the AAP says we should do, maintaining a very dangerous status quo. Very sad state of affairs.

Josh Day said...

The wonderful, caring people at our local hospital reported us to CPS because... get ready for this... my wife had a home birth.

At least CPS around here is pretty decent, focusing on the serious cases that require their time. They laughed the hospital's report off.

More reason than ever to fire your pediaquack. There are other options in mainstream medicine. We go to a GP where, believe it or not, they actually practice medicine instead of running a shot shop warehouse.