March 31, 2011

Proof that Brian Deer Has No Idea What He Is Talking About

Today on another blog, a link to a UK governmental published supplimental on autism was mentioned and Brian Deer stopped by to visit.

Although the piece in question didn't address the environmental causes of autism, Deer left a note about the environmental causes of autism.

It said that if it turned out that autism was environmentally caused, that the public would look back in hatred at those who advocated that autism was environmental. I kid you not:

Brian Deer
March 31st, 2011

"Looks like the NAS is getting its shit together. It has taken them long enough, if you ask me. But I’m sure everyone will be glad to see them going out to spread their message. Ditto Bob MacNeil coming back for a PBS series of reports.

If those who believe that there may be environmental causes of developmental disorders turn out to be right, people will look back at this interlude caused by Wakefield, Jenny McCarthy, the Age of Hatred site and so forth with burning outrage.

If there are toxic substances out there doing harm to children (and I recall Tom Insel at NIH pretty much saying that there were too many candidates to know where to start) then there’s not one minute of time and not one cent in public money to be wasted over those lying fools."

The only way I can reckon that he thinks this makes sense is if he believes that vaccine causation was different than environmental causation rather than a part of environmental causation. And the only way that the thinks that, is if he actually doesn't even know what environmental causation arguments are being offered by Jenny McCarthy, Age of Autism, Me, my readers and that guy he probably should have heard of by now, Andrew Wakefield. (He has been in the press a LOT. Not sure how Deer could have missed it.) His comment on Insel seems to betray that he does not realize that Insel had to begrudgingly admit that we were right about environmental causes, and that he had to say, "who knows where to start" to throw people off of the obvious place, the two studies that show that mercury emitting coal plants raise autism rates.

Brian... Vaccine induced autism IS PART of the environmentally induced autism theory. Here... let me draw you a diagram.

What the medical authorities used to push (and the Offiteers are still pushing):

Now they can't get away with that any more. We have enough information to know and our government has now admitted, that is the scenario in play:

Deer seems to be under the impression that:

Study carefully Mr. Deer. Let us know when you catch on that we are being proved right, not on the road to being hated. And that you are going to be listed among the villains list under Bettelheim.  Because in the good old US of A, our health department has already said that MMR causes vaccine encephalopathy, which causes autism.


steve said...

Wow. You know if you think about it Deer couldn't possibly be this uninformed. It's obvious that the mild complexity of these issues are over his head.

It's kind of eerie but your Venn diagram sort of looks like the scope of my 20-month old when he mysteriously presented with ileal-lymphoid-nodular hyperplasia after mysteriously going from typical to severely disabled when his genes coincidentally kicked in the same week he got his 15-month vaccinations.

Goran said...

Thanks Ginger.
You very accurately describe exactly what I also deducted from his brief but oh so revealing comments. This must be the result of not only a narrow mind but also genuine fear that "the tide is turning".
Keep building on this momentum!
Truth will out.

JennyAllan said...

What amazes me is why ANYONE takes any notice of what Brian Deer says. He has absolutely NO medical or scientific qualifications, yet he has been 'commissioned' to write four articles for the ONCE respected British Medical Journal.
One of those articles 'questioned' the histopathology findings of the Lancet 12 childrens' bowel biopsies. Fiona Godlee, BMJ editor seemed to see nothing wrong with Deer contesting the findings of several fully qualified and experienced pathologists!!

I was heartened, yesterday, to hear Health Minister Andrew Lansley having a derisory scoff at The Lancet on You Tube. This 'venerable' medical publication, which like the BMJ relies totally on Pharma funding, employs 'ghost writers' to produce fake research write ups on pharma medications!!

You couldn't make this up...except they HAVE!! The best laugh is that Deer himself seems to take a pride in the demise of these once well respected two medical journals, now consigned to the level of the 'gutterpress'. As Deer stated in his Guardian Blog 'Wakefield's fall from grace is now slicing another scalp. One of the most insidious cartels at the heart of British science is being torn apart: the two top journals in medical science.'

If Brian Deer's mathematical abilities match his medical and scientific expertise, he will have absolutely no idea how to properly interpret a Venn Diagram, but why bother? No doubt Deer's fertile imagination will produce an interpretation favourable to his paymasters at big pharma.

Chuck said...

I deconstructed Brian Deer concerning the 19 (ha) ASD cases before MMR in the comments of this post