March 9, 2011

Seth Mnookin is Offended and Repulsed by Parents Who Want to Make Their Own Vaccine Decisions, and Thinks That They are "Total Assholes"

Additionally, he notes that 10 children died last year from pertussis, but fails to mention that 39 children died following their pertussis containing vaccines last year. (Update: CDC wonder has apparently updated their numbers since I checked last. it is up to 41 deaths according to the VAERS database. And that is the lowest death count from it since 1989. Apparently the drop in pertussis vaccine is saving lives in total. 42 in 2009, 76 in 2008, 82 in 2007... 126 in 1994, 148 in 1993... Is Mnooking weeping for the more than 1,750 children who have died from this vaccine since 1989? Thanks to Vaccination News for updating me.)

All this in a speech on How to Communicate with Anti-Vaccine Parents at American University's School of Communication.


Debbie Voss said...

WOW! What a complete ASSHOLE!!

Crystal said...

I have to say wow too! The fact that the children who died from that vaccine is not mentioned, plus at the end he pretty much says that vaccines are not completely effective,yet it's the anti-vaccine peoples fault for that??? The reason that girl was injured from HIB (if in fact it was type B) was because the doctors assume that it can't be HIB because she had the vaccine, so their diagnosis is automatically biased and therefore improper treatment given.

Unknown said...

If anyone ever gets the chance to ask this a****** a question, ask him what the "a" in DTaP stands for, and what significance it has for vaccine safety issues. When this self-proclaimed "expert" fails to answer, ask him why he is lecturing us about vaccine safety issues when he does not know what the **** he is talking about?

It is tragic that 10 children died from pertussis, however were these children confirmed (cultured) to have pertussis? How does this compare to the number of children who died shortly after one of their many pertussis vaccinations? Does he even know the answer to that?

To Mr Mnookin, I say "STFU".

Unknown said...

Using CDC Wonder I found a couple more. Plus considerably more for previous years. (It takes awhile for reports to come in.)

bensmyson said...

This sack of crap heroin junkie who sold his soul and screwed over his family time and time again due to his pathological lying and deceit got a book deal to take a wack at me? Where is his zeal to put drug dealers who kill far more children and adults in the hospitals and grave yards than whooping cough. Eff him and the horse he rode in on.

Ginger Taylor said...

Watching this I am struck by just how immature the guy is. It shows that he spent his formative years in a drug induced fog. Happy for him that he is clean, but I have read his salon piece and the rampant drug use (and the self-admitted narcissism) have clearly stolen from him a few chances to mature.

Heather Fraser said...

"Significant" risk of developing allergy is linked to pertussis vaccination in this 2008 study: "Reported pertussis infection and risk of atopy in 8- to 12 yr-old vaccinated and non-vaccinated children".

"In the vaccinated group, all associations between pertussis infection and atopic disorders were positive, the associations with asthma, hay fever and food allergy being significant."

Julie said...

what is most offensive is listening to seth talk about something when he has neither lived nor experience a child w vaccine damage. FAIL!

Unknown said...

He's concerned about vaccinated kids being at risk around non-vaccinated kids? If vaccines actually work then the vaccinated kids have nothing to fear. He seems like just another fear monger for the germ 'theory' (not germ 'law'). Dr. Jim.

Wade Rankin said...

Seth deserves some kind of award for most ironic remark of the decade: "What I find most offensive is the lack of honesty about the potential repercussions."

Really??? I mean, REALLY??

Unknown said...

What about the millions of our children who need therapy for the rest of their lives because of a vaccine injury? I think that trumps his pathetic arguement. What about the lies that were told to us? Vaccines are safe, vaccines are effective, your child has "autism" or "mental retardation"? This guy needs to dig himself back under the rock from which he crawled out. Who is he to be speaking out against people who decide it's not worth the incredible risk? I am not going to vaccinate my children no matter how many people think I am an a#% hole! He can convince others to damage their children's brains, but my kids know the tragedy that comes with this unfounded barbaric practice of injecting people with liquid labotomies.

Unknown said...

maybe i'm just a selfish bastard for thinking that the health of my own son is more important than the health of the "herd"...??? stupid mnookin. i hope the "herd" tramples him.

Unknown said...

While VAERS lists 41 reported deaths in 2009 following various Pertussis vaccine administrations, remember these are reports of events. There is no information in VAERS about what follow-up investigation revealed about the cause of these deaths. A death report in VAERS is does not prove a vaccine caused the death.

The fine print at the bottom of the CDC Wonder report says this: "Note that the
inclusion of events in VAERS data does not infer causality. Review
cautions in the interpretation of this data"

It is certain that 10 infants died from Pertussis in 2010 and that declining community vaccination rates are a cause of the epidemic.

When you choose no vaccines you are, in effect, making a choice for others who may die as a result of your choice.

fed up in Walnut Creek said...

Any honest discussion of whooping cough outbreaks must mention that a substantial majority of Californians diagnosed with whooping cough are up to date on their whooping cough vaccinations. Dr. Frits Mooi, a Dutch pertussis expert, believes this is because the vaccine is ineffective against the pertussis strain making the rounds.

KPBS in San Diego did a documentary recently on this subject which includes an interview with Dr. Mooi:

my contemplative space said...

Mittonius, I notice that you say that reduced vaccine uptake is A reason for the outbreak in pertussis. Not the only reason. What other reasons are you aware of?

Can you point me to evidence that the DTaP prevents transmission of the Pertussis bacteria in symptomatic and asymptomatic carriers?

Are you aware of the case recently in Oz where a fully vaccinated nurse passed the bacteria to 4 newborns?

Ginger Taylor said...


"There is no information in VAERS about what follow-up investigation revealed about the cause of these deaths. A death report in VAERS is does not prove a vaccine caused the death."

And we will never get proof that the vaccine caused those deaths. Because on the off chance that they were even investigated, rather than just being tagged "SIDS" and ignored by the medical profession, the government never tell us when vaccine deaths are confirmed. These families cannot get into a court room and prove that these deaths were vaccine injuries, and if they apply to the vaccine injury compensation fund and are paid, it will take at least five years, and then we will only know if they choose to go public.

So VAERS is all we have, because government and pharma have set in place such a corrupt system that a vaccine can kill thousands and the public never knows.

And people like you, who don't care when vaccines kill children, can just say asinine and biased comments like... "you can't prove they were vaccine deaths... prove it!"

As if the fact that they will never be investigated and announced like viral or bacterial deaths are, as evidence that people SHOULD vaccinate, rather than evidence that the system is corrupt!

Do you realize that when you say that kind of thing, you are only calling attention to the corruption in the vaccine program? You prove the point that pharma and public health hold all the cards, and that the masses are just supposed to turn their brains off and vaccinate blindly when they CANNOT actually know what the risk/benefit analysis is?

Yes. We will never know how many children actually die from pertussis vaccine. Because the government does not give a damn how many children die from the pertussis vaccine enough to investigate the deaths and tell the public. It may be many, many times the 41 reports in VAERS, because most medical examiners slap SIDS on these cases, even when all the evidence points to vaccine death.

Thank you for your loving concern for vaccine safety and the health of children like my son.