September 19, 2010

Media Becoming More Alert: Becky Estepp Schools Dr. Mark Segiel on Fox

This is why parents are not usually allowed on TV to debate docs. Because they expose the ignorance of the physicians whom the networks are trusting to bring them accurate health information.

And Becky was even too polite to point out that the study was in Pediatrics, not the New England Journal of Medicine.

Which one of these two people would you turn to with your vaccine questions?


Penny said...

That doctor doesn't know his stuff. He says thimerosal has been removed from the MMR.

Guess what, doc? There has NEVER been thimerosal in the live vaccine, MMR.

Achieve Beyond said...

This is embarrassing that the doctor was exposed by the parent. This goes to show you that doctors aren't always experts in what they claim to be. It could also be that he just meant to say something else, but on a stage like TV you have to make sure you present arguments exactly how you want them to go or else you will get called out in this You Tube generation. I am glad the mother was not intimidated and got the facts straight.

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