September 14, 2010

Age of Autism Book On Sale Today

Age of Autism Released.

Read it.

Today is September 14, The Age of Autism: Mercury, Medicine, and a Manmade Epidemic is at book stores and available on line--we need your help.

Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill's groundbreaking book, The Age of Autism, traces the autism epidemic by examining the first diagnosed cases of autism. Dan and Mark's detailed research is impeccable and their conclusions are stunning. Their book will revolutionize the way people think about autism and children's health.

We need this book to make a big splash with the American public and you can help. Here is what we need you to do:

* Buy the book here (if you haven't already).
* Have your friends and relatives buy the book. Book purchases will drive up the book's ratings, create media interest and educate people on what happened to our children.
* Forward this e-mail to your friends in the autism community - just click on the "Forward to a Friend" button at the bottom.
* Arrange a book signing for the authors in your community. Contact Becky Estepp.
* Sign up for to receive Age of Autism action alerts here.

We must create change for all suffering with autism. Spread the word and join The Age of Autism revolution. Please help this book become a national best seller by forwarding the announcement below, and future advisories, to the media as well as family and friends.

Thank you!

For more information visit: Age of Autism Book Website

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Celeste Jean said...

Thank you for posting about this. I look forward to reading it.