August 9, 2009

Pfizer Employee Goes Public About Dangerous Safety Practices

Molecular Biologist Becky McClain brought reports of dangerous working conditions and employee exposures to hazardous biologics to Pfizer management. She was told that the safety standards at Pfizer were based on what was legal, and since there was no legal oversight of the embryonic stem cell lab she worked in, those hazardous conditions were just how Pfizer did business. Then they began harassing her and told her to stop documenting accidents.

Then Becky got sick from a genetically engineered virus.

Listen to her story. If this is how little Pfizer care about their employees (who can sue them), imagine how much less they care about their customers (who can't).

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Unknown said...

I am viewing via Adventures in Autism, horrified and yet I believe without a doubt that such a problem exists b/c I live in a community who is made to appear desperate to blame therefore invalid in what we've uncovered. I pray your voice be heard and you get relief.