August 14, 2009

Our Foolproof Plan to Become Bunk Bed Billionaires

As I previously mentioned, my dear husband has started a new company called Maine Bunk Beds. Non-Toxic, safer beds for kids. Yesterday we came up with a simple three step plan to become wealthy beyond our imaginations.

1. Get the government excluded Maine Bunk Beds from any product liability.

2. Get the government to not allow kids to attend school if they didn't buy the recommended number of Maine Bunk Beds.

3. Get the government to stage PR campaigns where mock riots were held with people resorting to violence if they couldn't get their hands on a Maine Bunk Bed.

National Guard drill at high school to prepare for possible H1N1 riot


Penny said...



J said...

Just a thought -
If your bunk beds were one of the greatest life-saving medical advances in human history, perhaps you'd have a better chance...

Ginger Taylor said...

“I think vaccines are the bargain basement technology of the twentieth century,” - Maurice Hilleman, “The Health Century”