August 14, 2009

How Much Longer, President Obama?

Mr. President,

Are you just going to ignore the problem while paying lip service like President Bush did?

What will the autism rate be when Sasha and Malia are having children? Mr. President, you are a Star Trek nerd and your daughter has an autoimmune disorder. You should probably know that your own family is likely on the short list to join our not so exclusive club in the future.

If you would like to know what being the grand father of a child who has slipped into autism is like, I am sure I can arrange a meeting between you and my dad so you can decide if this is worth your attention now, or if you want to risk being just like us and saying, "If only I would have....", "If only I had known...".

"If only I had spent the billions from the non-epidemic of swine flu, on the real epidemic of autism when I had the chance, then maybe my grandson could look me in the eye and call me 'grandpa'."

Sincerely Distressed that You Are Not Distressed,
Ginger Taylor, M.S.

Missing autistic teen found dead


Bridgett said... do you get this in blogs? Meaning, what codes do you use? I'd love to put these NAA declarations on my blogs, but can't figure out how.

Thank you for posting them.

Ginger Taylor said...

email me and I will send it to you.

Lisa said...

Could I also get a copy of this? I have tried going to their website and it tells me the link is broken.... :(

nhokkanen said...

Bouquets to NAA for creating their latest excellent ad. It's tragic how that emotionally intense and intellectually comprehensive visual only scratches the surface of families' daily misery. Hidden in our homes we are too quiet for others to take adequate notice....

Ginger Taylor said...

Props to you Roger.

I have only been in this for five years and I am exhausted.

K Fuller said...
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K Fuller said...

Did you send this letter to the White House??
I hope you did. I hope he understands that Asthma is an Autoimmune issue, most people dont have a clue.

3blessedangels said...

That is fantastic. I too would love a copy of this. Thank you for posting it.