December 25, 2008

Best Christmas Ever

We didn't have to fight the crowds to go anywhere or clean the house for company. We had a little money this year and got to buy the boys things they wanted. We had a beautiful white New England Christmas, except that it was also sunny and bright.

But none of those reasons were the reason that it was the best Christmas ever.

It was the best because Chandler has fully joined us in Christmas this year.

"Who is dis present for"?
"Can I open it?"
"What's inside?"
"Its a... its a... LEGO INDIANA JONES"!
"Awwwwww.... huuuuugggggssss".

"Wait... where's my Darth Maul light saber?! Gimme dat Webster!"

I remember when we had to sit him on our laps and do hand over hand to get him to unwrap a present, which he may or may not have had any interest in.

This year we had a big breakfast at the table, and he didn't try to leave, or crawl under the table, or stand in his chair. He read his Christmas cards out loud, took turns opening presents, showed off his gifts and took pictures of us. He decorated the tree with us and played Wii bowling and tennis and soccer and even Yoga with us.

He is just with us now.

I even dared to put three glass ornaments on the tree this year. I might even go out tomorrow and pick up some more on sale.

I will leave you with some of his photographs from today. I got the camera out to take pics of the kids, but I forgot to and Chan took over.

Merry Christmas


Petra said...

So, so, so INCREDIBLY happy for you all....

Here's to many more like this one..

Unknown said...

If only I could translate into words the tears that sprang to my eyes when I read your happy post... you have a beautiful family.

Thank you for sharing your holiday joy.

Wade Rankin said...

LOL. Lego Indy made an appearance under the Rankin tree as well.

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

Merry Christmas, Ginger!

Anonymous said...

Nat didn't try and help us open gifts this year but she was definitely more "with us" as she STAYED IN THE ROOM at least and didn't try to wander the house. Baby steps, I keep telling myself.

michelle hays said...


~Kristin said...

I am so happy you had such a wonderful Christmas!!! This was the first year my son participated as well. What a magical feeling!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank God, no girls = no Easy Bake oven under the tree.

Trust me the Lego Indy is wayyyy better (and I have absolutely NO IDEA how it works but I just know it's a whole lot better ;-)

Your two boys are beautiful!! The red hair is amazing!!!

Catrina said...

This post made me so happy for you.

Anonymous said...

How lovely, Ginger. I wish you & your family every good thing this new year.


jsmmink said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful story. My eyes welled up with tears of happiness for you and your family. We also had happy Christmas where our son participated with joy and excitment. It was an amazing gift!!