December 6, 2008

Tom Daschle is Asking For Your Health Care Stories

Tom Daschle is "asking anybody and everybody to share their health care experiences."


I encourage you to begin your letter to him, as I have, "I am the _________ of a vaccine injured child". They need to be confronted with that sentence over and over again.

My letter:

I am the mother of a vaccine injured child.

My six year old son had early vaccine reactions, but instead of recognizing them for what they were, his doctors continued to vaccinate him according to the overly aggressive CDC vaccine schedule. After his 18 month shots he began to display the symptoms of Vaccine Induced Encephalopathy, but because his doctors had not been educated on how to look for vaccine induced encephalopathy (loss of eye contact, not responding to stimuli, seem disconnected from the world around them - according to HHS/VICP vaccine injury table, his doctor called it "Autism", did no medical investigation of his case, and simply sent him for speech and behavioral evaluations.

I had to learn on my own what was medically wrong with my son and figure out how to treat him myself.

Along with the symptoms of "Autism" and Vaccine Encephalopathy, it turns out my son also had mercury poisoning, which he also displayed the symptoms of at that unfortunate appointment. He displayed an inability to speak, neurological damage and digestive system damage, which, according to CDC/ATSDR, are all symptoms of mercury poisoning.

But again... my doctor was never taught to look for the symptoms of mercury poisoning, even though he had been injecting children with HUNDREDS of times the EPA safe level of mercury for years. So he just called it "Autism", because that is what CDC/AAP taught him to do.

Autism is a junk diagnosis that tells us NOTHING about what is going on inside a child's body. It allows the medical profession to shrug its shoulders, repeat the mantra, “no known cause or cure” and get away with not even having to take our kids temperature.

Because it has been four year since my son's regression, and the arbitrary and unfair statute of limitations for filing a claim with the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program is three years, unless it is changed, my son will not receive the money he needs, and is legally due, for his injuries.

We have treated him via the emerging medical interventions that mainstream medicine refuses to investigate because they do not want to believe that something that has been so good in the past, vaccination, is now being overly used, causing severe damage and death to children on a huge scale, and that the "autism" epidemic is largely a iatrogenic illness.

My once healthy, social and verbal son could only speak two words, could make no eye contact and would not even answer to his own name after his vaccine induced "autistic" regression. With in 48 hours of putting him on the GF/CF diet to treat his digestive symptoms, he began making eye contact and answering to his name. The FIRST day we began chelating him with DMSA, he looked me in the eye and called me "Mommy" (four times in a row) for the first time since his regression 10 months earlier!

The treatments we are using on him are expensive and all consuming. We sold our home in Los Angeles, my husband quit his job in the entertainment industry, and we moved to much less expensive life in Maine so that we could pay for Chandler's treatment.

Almost every penny comes out of our pocket, as the medical community's denial and obfuscation prevents these long established medical treatments from being properly studied on children with an "Autism" diagnosis.

But if we have to spend every penny we have, down to the shirts on our backs, we will do it.

Because biomedical treatment for "Autism" works! There are over 1100 documented cases of children loosing their diagnosis all together via these methods.

Chandler has not fully recovered, but we have gotten him half way back. He has gone from severe to high functioning autism, he is verbal, with some impairment, almost all "autistic" behaviors like flapping/spinning/self injury are long gone, he is mainstreamed in 1st grade with a helper, and he is a happy boy that plays with his brother and hugs and kisses his loved ones. AND CALLS ME MOMMY!

I have spent four years reading and writing about vaccine induced autism, and the things that have gone on at CDC/HHS/AAP that have caused this epidemic and allowed it to snowball are not only unconscionable, some of them are illegal.

Further, CDC statements that there is no link between autism and vaccination have become completely nonsensical. Julie Gerberding actually went on CNN to talk about the Hannah Poling case, explained that in children with mitochondrial disorders, vaccination can cause "fevers and other complications" that result in the symptoms of autism, and then in the next breath said that vaccines had no relationship to autism. You can watch this absurdest theater for yourself:



The vaccine schedule is NOT properly safety tested, it is too aggressive, and doctors are not trained to look for vaccine damage or to know which children are at risk for serious vaccine damage.

BUT MOMS KNOW! We all have the same story. We all saw the same early warnings, told our docs, but they didn't listen. Because CDC/AAP, instead of listening to us, have labeled us “desperate parents” who are “scientifically illiterate” and “looking for someone to blame” for their children’s autism.

So we no longer listen to them. Trust between us and the medical profession is dead. My friends no longer go to their doctors for vaccination advice, they come to me.

There is NO study that shows that the four shots my son was given before his regression are safe when given together, and even the individual shots are not tested against true placebo, but just other versions of the same type of vaccine!

We have been begging for a simple vaccinated v. unvaccinated study to see what overall health out comes for kids are, but CDC/HHS/NIH won't do it. They will allow nothing to stop the run away vaccine program, and they are busy adding MORE VACCINES!

Our kids are not bottomless pits that can constantly have powerful pharmaceuticals poured into them!



Ginger Taylor, M.S.
Brunswick, Maine

Spread the word.


Unknown said...

Bravo! Your powerfully informative and persuasive letter moved me to tears when I first read it this morning. I'd like to encourage you to consider the following:

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Your outstanding blog deserves a big audience.

needle.and.damage.done said...

Here's what I sent:
I am the mother of a vaccine injured child.
I accepted the flu shot while pregnant with my second daughter. I was giving no warnings about the mercury, aluminum, etc. My daughter developed a heart arrhythmia in utero after the shot, and I got the flu. She was then born a month early. The obgyn never told me that a baby developing in the uterus is a filter for all the toxins mommy takes in, such as mercury and aluminum.
The doctors proceeded to vaccinate on a regular schedule, even though she was a month early and very tiny. My daughter’s health got worse and worse, until finally she was diagnosed with borderline cerebral palsy and autism.
Using natural approaches, we continue to heal my daughter. We no longer see mainstream doctors, and we no longer vaccinate.
New Jersey, meanwhile, continues to mandate new vaccinations, with no studies to show cost effectiveness, nor effectiveness. New Jersey has no answer for why 1 in 94 children here (using old 2002 data, I’m sure it’s higher) are autistic.
Insurance covers almost nothing because it’s autism. They don’t pay for therapies, and they don’t pay for treatments. I’m sure they would pay for vaccines, but that is out of the question. Why would I risk that when I know the vaccine manufacturers have no liability, and no one will help (not the doctors not the government) once the damage is done? I’m also relatively sure they would pay for me to drug my child with some off-label psychotropic medicine. That’s also out of the question - again, side effects with little to no manufacturer liability.
Autism has been a nightmare. My daughter was abused in the autism program at her in-district school. The trauma caused her to be very violent – as a family, we were physically and verbally abused for years by her due to the school abuse. It has taken a long time, lots of money, and lots of love and patience to calm her down.
So that’s health in these United States. We’re financially broke, mentally and emotionally wiped out, and demand changes to vaccine policy.

Tom said...

Wow I cried when I read your letter. This is so much the same story that happened to me.

I think it is time to act and unite.

Sadly most people like my wife want to keep their problems to themselves, I say everyone should speak out, let them hear us.