October 11, 2005

Slow Mercury Excretors

I have heard it said that ASD kids that tested negative for mercury may still have it, and that it is bound so tightly that it takes a few months of chelation for it to start coming out.

To be honest I didn't really believe it. I figured that it didn't really make sense that it would not show up at all if it was not there in the first place.

Well I ran across this post from a mom whose son is a slow excretor who took months of chelation to start dumping Hg. Sharing it here with her permission:

We are very excited tonight. My son is 8 years old, Aspergers, and we started chelating with TD-DMPS exactly one year ago. We had 0 mercury when we started the urine tests, and a hair test done prior to chelation, showed almost 0 mercury in hair. We did challenge tests every 1-2 months, alternating doing urine and stool. We finally got mercury in the YELLOW, elevated range, using oral DMPS! Here is a summary of our results, culminating in the current elevated figure. Notice that the level of mercury kept rising over the months of chelation.

At Three months: No mercury in urine test.
At Five months, No mercury in urine test.
At Five months: a tiny dot of mercury in stool test, but still below detectable numbers.
At Eight months: .009 mercury, with a reference range of .05, in a stool test, still a tiny dot in the green.
At Nine months: .013 mercury, with a reference range of .05, in a stool test, still very little.
At Eleven months: 1.3 mercury, with a reference range of 5, in a urine test, about 1/3 way across the green.
At Twelve months: 8.7 mercury, with a reference range of 5, in a urine test, almost half-way across the yellow (elevated)!

Mercury was the highest of all the metals in this test, complete opposite of when we started chelation. We had no other elevated metals in this last test, except tungsten, which was also in the yellow, elevated range, but not as high as the mercury.

Two weeks ago we started my son on oral DMPS. This is the first time we did testing using the oral DMPS, done about 1 week after we started it. He has done much better on the oral DMPS than TD-DMPS. Better articulation, far less stuttering, more social. I feel like we've had more progress on the oral DMPS in the last two weeks, than the last year on the TD-DMPS. Up until now we've just gotten twinkles of improvement, no Wow. This week was a Wow week. He gets a hefty dose - 200mg of oral DMPS, given all at once, only once per day, every other day. We did the regular dose for the latest challenge test, as his dose is already a high one, so we did not double it. He weighs 55 pounds.

We also do transdermal, oral, and lipo-ceutical glutathione, B12 shots, Authia, GFCF, vitamins, minerals, grape seed, pycnogenol, customized amino acids, fatty acids, Folapro, probiotics, etc. We start IV glutathione this Friday. My son is ++ on the MTHFR and Null on Glutathione Transference, so genetics are not on our side for getting him to excrete mercury.

For those considering oral DMPS, it costs us $150 for a month supply from College Pharmacy. Also, in some kids it causes stomach ache and gut bugs. My son has not had those issues on the oral DMPS so far. For this last challenge test we gave the oral DMPS on an empty stomach, empty bladder, in the morning, and collected urine for 6 hours afterwards.

-- Mara in San Antonio (DAN Doc is Dr. Melissa Kempf, M.D. of San Antonio).

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Click on the Congressional Powerpoint presentation. Some test sequences from Dr. Buttar showing mercury coming out later rather than sooner.