October 14, 2005

Finding the Words


This is a PBS documentary about children recovering from autism. It premiered in San Francisco this week, and is planned to air on PBS in April as it is Autism Awareness Month.

I hope they don't wait that long. Word needs to get out NOW that there is treatment available.


Wade Rankin said...

I just went to the site and watched the trailer. This is going to be great!

Anonymous said...

oh! i want to see the trailer too! yes, i wish they would show the show sooner and round the clock. all possible avenues to help open up our kids' world ought to be on full display!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if this video is available or when this will air again? I tried looking for more info at their website but couldn't find anything. I even tried searching for it at KTEH and nothing came up! Thanks.

Ginger Taylor said...

It has not aired on TV yet, and won't until the spring.

I think they premiered it in a theater. It does not seem to be available to the public yet.

Anonymous said...

F.Y.I.: I emailed my inqy to KTEH yesterday and got this reply:

"Finding the Words" is still in the process of being completed. This film will most likely air sometime next year and we will inform viewers and members at that time.


Shirleyn Cannon
Member & Viewer Services Rep
1585 Schallenberger Road
San Jose CA 95131

Anonymous said...

Today is 3-6-06-- has this aired yet??? Please let me know.