October 27, 2005

Bloggeration Rescue

JB Handley and his wife Lisa, founders of Generation Rescue, have begun blogging. Their inaugural post is a description of the changes they would like to see in the way we look at the autism/mercury connection:

Old Paradigm: "Mercury may or may not be one of the causes of autism. Once you have autism, it is life long. Autism is genetic. Treatment is behavioral therapy with a psychologist or social worker. Prognosis for recovery is poor."

New Paradigm: "Mercury causes mercury poisoning, which has been mislabeled as autism. Mercury poisoning can be resolved by removing the mercury. Mercury poisoning is an issue of toxicology. Treatment is the removal of mercury through a process called chelation. Prognosis for recovery is very good."
This peace speaks to the heart of the mercury/autism discussion. Go read the whole thing.

Welcome to the discussion JB and Lisa.

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