July 22, 2005

The Power of Truth

This week Chandler and I went to Washington to attend the Power of Truth rally, and to lobby our representatives in Congress to ban the use of thimerosal in vaccines and fund autism research. I will be posting the details of our trip later.

For now I will share the images of the rally. I have decided to post them with out comment. I don't think they need any from me.

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Becca said...

Ginger those pics are awesome. Thank you SO MUCH for posting them!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent pics!!
Thanks for sharing. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures; individually and together, powerful and moving evidence.

Anonymous said...

As the parent of a child diagnosed with Autism who has never received a vaccination in his life, I find signs such as " to know mercury is to know autism" very offensive. If you feel your child has been harmed by vaccinations then fine - call it that and campaign accordingly. Just don't hijack funds and research from a very real condition that has nothing to do with mercury. I understand the anger that a diagnosis can bring, and it would be very nice to have someone to blame and take that anger out on,but unfortunately some things just happen with no one to blame.
By the way, evidence of harm from vaccines has been around for a long time so if you really must blame someone blame yourselves. If you don't have any success with the vaccine companies you could always try blaming petroleum companies - the correlation between statistics for autism figures and the sustained use of lead petrol are interesting to say the least.

Paul F

Anonymous said...

I am in tears. I am mom of two with autism and a college student. I was looking for pictures for an Ecology report that I'm doing on mercury poisoning...your pictures are perfect.
I will cite your website in my report and I thank you for capturing the issue so poignantly in pictures.

Anonymous said...

It breaks my heart to see the destruction these young lives have received at the hands of supposedly safe innoculations. My son has grown up to be a healthy 30 yr old man, without any side affects from his childhood imunizations...He is one of the 'lucky' ones...We shouldn't have to say 'lucky' ones...Each child should be able to grow up healthy and happy...It shouldn't be a game of chance!....BAN THE USE OF MERCURY IN INNOCULATIONS *NOW*....The innocents are the ones who suffer....They are God's precious creation....We are to love them and care for them in this special way by stopping the hurt for those babes to be born.....Judith Johnston

Anonymous said...

Loved the Pictures!
To the comment made from the parent of a "vaccine free" Autistic child. The people at this rally, much like myself have done the research. May I suggest you read up on Mercury Poisoning-the symptoms are EXACTLY the same as AUTISM! Maybe YOUR child got his Mercury through YOU or your wife! ie: breast milk, dental fillings, RH neg? Maybe a power plant? Or maybe your child isn't really Autistic! Our twins ARE, and they were given 65 times the EPA's safe level of mercury at 15 months.(we spread out our shots AND were told by our DR that the mercury was all out-2001). Therefore we are not hijacking funds-our children deserve them! There are many environmental dangers today, but toxic substances should NOT be directly injected into our children or yours! That is why we were at a rally! Praise GOD for the parents who fight to protect our children!!!!

Ginger Taylor said...


The black bracelets were made for the rally and they said, "Mercury Hurts - Truth Heals".

I am a Life Artist said...

Ginger your pictures speak volumes.
Thank you!

Chandler is absolutely beautiful!

Anonymous said...

The pictures are beautiful. As a mother of 3 "Mercury poisoned" children including 17 month old identical twin boys, these pictures and the truth that they represent are priceless. Here's to the next rally!!!

Anonymous said...

The pictures are beautiful. As a mother of 3 "Mercury poisoned" children including 17 month old identical twin boys, these pictures and the truth that they represent are priceless. Here's to the next rally!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, as a mom of 5 children ages 8,7,5,4, and 20 months 3 out of 5 of my children are having problems my 8 year old is high functioning, my 5 year old has autistic tendencies, and my 4 year old is undergoing extensive testing because his autism case is very rare with a very complex case they have not diagnosed him yet although they have told me the autism traits are there and the behaviour is severe. I do not know what caused this, I point the finger no where. I support AUTISM....I was in tears at the sight of your pictures, knowing all about mercury poisoning the neurological effects Are all the symptoms of autism....but there is more to the story mercury has been around for a long time and autism is rising NOW....there has to be other underlying causes with our enviroment, something new in the enviroment that we don't know about is doing this....I am no fan of drug companies, I think there are a lot more risks in modern medicine then people realize. I do support all of you however and hope your journey gets what it needs. NO MERCURY in vaccines whatever parents don't want that to change are crazy why do you want toxins in your childs body? Thanks for reading my views and god bless you all.

Anonymous said...

I was so happy to see all the pic's today. Glad to see the word is getting out. We have 5 children and our youngest two have Autisum. I was told today by a nurse that they no longer put Mercury in the shots. Is this true? I hate to see what the mercury has stolen from my children, but we all must see what these totally cool kids hsve added to our lives. thanks ma. Canz

Livin Real, Happy Sincerity! said...

There is no specific finding proving that mercury is the main cause of Autism.
Actually, there are several assumptions about the nutrition, parents' age, vaccine, and many other searches. But, we don't have any proved evidence.
I should be more careful when you fully believe mercury is the cause of autism.

Do you have a tatoo? Do you think Tatoo can change the condition of your body and affect your health?

Unknown said...

Actually what we need to do is pull our heads out of our butts and figure out what my 13 year old has already figured out. Lets begin by simplifying all this was his approach. He read and read and read, He documented information and then he figured it all out and you know HE IS RIGHT!

We have 3 groups
GNT: Genetically NeuroTypical
GND: Genetically NeuroDiverse
GETS: Genetically Environmental Toxin Susceptible

Now go get a pen and a piece of paper. I'll wait.......


Oh good your back
Ok draw two big circles side by side on the paper. Label on GND then label the other GNT.

Ok this gives us two groups of people that are different from one another before any environmental influences.
Now I want you to draw a third circle overlapping the existing two circles leaving a portion of the original two outside the third.
Circle 3 = GETS

We don't need all the studies and stuff. Not all autistics regress. My children did not. I am an aspie and so is my husband we have 1 aspie and 2 autie kids. My husband is in his 20s I am in my 40s My kids were either not vaccinated until after their diagnosis and/or vaccinated with single dose vials. They don't have gut problems other than GERD from the low muscle tone in the lower esophageal sphincter. they don't cry and beat their heads against walls. Maybe if everyone that yells at those of us saying we don't want to be cured talked to those of us who are genetic autistics and parents of autistics they might learn that we are not talking about the same thing. Everyone willing to have that dialog and willing to try to actually get real services for families in need of help come on over to my blog. We are a grass roots group of bio-med and genetic autistics that think we have a greater enemy and want to work to get real services now.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

They don't put mercury in vaccines but they still use formaldehyde and phenol and when those two are mixed they make an industrial glue. Not real healthy so if your child gets an injection of one vaccine with a phenol based preservative and one of a formaldehyde preservative then you get glue. USE SINGLE DOSE VIALS ONLY! MAKE YOUR PEDIATRICIAN ORDER THEM FOR YOU! YOU(your insurance) PAYS THEIR SALARY. THEY ARE YOUR EMPLOYEE SO YOU DECIDE HOW THEY WORK NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND! People in this country do more research on what car they are going to buy than they do on their health care. For all of you that don't want to hear this I am going to repeat it anyway. NOT ALL AUTISTIC CHILDREN HAVE THE REGRESSIVE AUTISM YOUR CHILDREN HAVE. My children never regressed they simply never developed. One was never vaccinated until after her diagnosis. I am an Aspie so is my husband. My kids are genetic autistics in need of no cure. Your kids are regressive autistics and although I am not sure they can be "cured" now, I know you can make progress with the treatments and I support you but please stop treating us like we are idiots for listening to you describe your children and their symptoms and saying "Thats not my kid. My kid never did any of those things" We are not idiots that need to "get the facts" MY children have been to a DAN! doctor. My kids have been tested. So have I. We are not mercury toxic. Your kids may be. You may be for all I know and I don't discount that possibility at all. My previous post shows my teenager's take on it and you know he is right. We have got to stop fighting each other. We are both right.

Michelle Van Etten said...

Spydyee I am going to cruel and harsh if you are an aspie and so is your husband than you knew the risks. Did your condidtion cloud your judgement and make you think procreation was ok. I have a child with asperger/autism and I have no genetic predisposition to this disorder on either side. i mean please stats state if you have one you are 1/10% likely to have another and that is for normal functioning adults. Now take the stats if you are aspie and marry aspie and than reproduce than you are 100% likely to have a child with genetic aspie. Now lets take this scenario and say more poeple who have these traits are marrying and having kids with like people than yes this could cause this section of the autism population "The Genetics". For the rest of us who did not eat Tuna their whole pregnancy and asked if mercury was still in shots and told No or just had no clue of the dangers who now live with mercury poisoned children We support the power of the TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am sorry you have so many including yourself suffering from this disorder and i wish your family well. For the genetics I hope they can isolate the genes and stop the genetic condition.

For me mercury took my son away and it remains a challenge daily including with diet and understanding. He is very high functioning but that does not really mean too much. I still have to keep him away from so many foods and sensory stimuli. I had a perfectly healthy very adjusted young boy who stopped after the shot and whos developmental delays are exactly one week from the date of his MMR.

I stand with pride for The power of Truth God bless you

Unknown said...

To trendyscrapper:

My Husband and I were not diagnosed until after Joshua (the now 6 going on 7 non-verbal son) was diagnosed. In all actuality the two of us were diagnosed after all three children were diagnosed. It was after they were diagnosed that we were able to reconcile ourselves to the concept that the differences we had experienced all our lives were the same thing our kids were experiencing and go to TEACCH to be diagnosed. What I am trying to get across to EVERYONE is that some autistics are genetic and when you talk about ALL autism coming from a single source whether it is genetic or toxin related you are wrong and doing a disservice to the people in the other group! Plus the facts are in now from a recent NIH study that there are two different points of onset for Autism. Regressive Autism which sets in after the first birthday and a different form that they are, as of this moment, unwilling to label as genetic which can be diagnosed at or before the first birthday. The genetics are actually:
bApy + Aspie = Aspie or bApy is most likely but you could get a Kanner Cutie.

bApy + bApy = Aspie or bApy and rarely a Kanner Cutie.

NT + bApy = bApy or perhaps Aspie but most likely you won't get a Kanner Cutie.
NT + Aspie = Aspie or perhaps bApy but again you most likely will not get a Kanner Cutie
Aspie + Aspie and you are most likely to get a Kanner Cutie.

My older children including the teenager have different fathers from the younger two and they are all Aspies except one and the father of the three siblings that share that father is a bApy and I have two Aspies and one mild Kanner Cutie with him. The other three older children, all Aspies, have two different fathers and thetwo of them are essentially NT but might be mildly bApy.

In response to your pity that so many of us are "suffering with the disorder" we don't need it because we are not suffering we are living. I am a full time college student with a 3.85 GPA and my husband is full time college student with a 3.5 GPA. My kids are doing great in school and I run a foundation that does advocacy work for adult autistics. I am the assistant cubmaster for the Cub Scout pack at our church, my husband volunteers at our church, my teenager is a school ambassador for his school in addition to being in the strings orchestra, and a member of the Chess Club. I do volunteer work with a local day program for adult non-verbal autistics to help them develop alternative means of communication. I am also a member of the county women's commission. My non-verbal son (6 yrs old)can read, write and "speaks" ASL and my echolalic and speech delayed daughter(age 4) is fluent in ASL and spoken English up to the level of a 3 year old and has about 50 words in her Spanish vocabulary. Your terminology does not even begin to describe our life. We are in no way suffering and that is the biggest message I can share. Some of us were not made this way we were born this way and so were our children and we have the right to not have you take on this condescending attitude that you are better than us or that we are broken in some way that needs to be fixed. This is the same mentality that the deaf culture has been fighting for years about them and they have made great strides in being accepted but they have a long way to go when the school systems can't provide ASL fluent teachers and ASL is not classified as a foreign language and taught in the schools. We have the same types of acceptance issues and people that look down on us as some type of diseased creature do not help us. I am not broken and neither are my children. I don't want or need your pity. What I want is for you to look at my Autistic child and see what I see. My kids were never exposed to mercury in their vaccines and they are still autistic. My children have been tested for toxicity by a DAN! doctor and found to not be toxic. My kids are genetically autistic and there are many more of us out here that are deeply offended by the fact that you feel the need to view us as broken. Oh just for your information if we had known that we were Autistic and that our children would be also we still would have had them because they are beautiful and intelligent and capable people. I guess you are one of those that would have aborted your child if the child had tested for Autism or Downs Syndrome in-utero. This is exactly why we are fighting against pre-natal screening for autism. 85% to 90% of all prenatally diagnosed Down's babies are eugenically aborted. Autism is next. Would you have aborted your child if they told you that the child would be autistic before birth. From your post I think you would have. You ask if my judgment was clouded by my "condition." HMMMM.... I don't know if my 140 IQ and 2 years of genetics education and research was confused by my undiagnosed Asperger's Syndrome but I can tell you that now that I am diagnosed I know that if I could go back in time and take with me what i know now the only thing that I would do different is that I would have chosen to have another after Charity before I couldn't have any more because of my physiological problems. I lost a grandmother to uterine cancer so when they found pre-cancer cells I took extreme measures to make sure I didn't go the same way. I have mixed emotions regarding that decision and the decision not to have one more child before that surgery. However, when we stabilize ourselves economically again we are looking to adopt an autistic child whose parents can't take care of them. We can handle it. They are actually pretty easy kids if you know what you are doing.
Please allow me to introduce myself I am Homo Autisticus not a disabled Homo Sapien.

bubbasmom said...

yehkvyI am a first time mom of a 4 month old baby boy. i am feeling very overwhelmed with the current issue of immunizations. Our pediatrician from Kaiser has already basically blown us off with the issue by stating that the issue is blown out of proportion. i am very well aware that this is a growing epidemic by noticing the increase in numbers of autistic children in statistics as well as on tv testimonies..in addition to the clients that I come in contact with being a family therapist and working with children. PLEASE, IF ANY OF YOU HAVE SOME TIME TO SPARE--please send me any tips that might help in trying to protect my baby during this critical time of having to go in to the doctor for immunizations. my email is steponmebfres@aol.com. thank you so very much. And thank you to you all for not sitting during this but using your voice for the precious children in our country!!

Anonymous said...





quicksilver said...

Hi Ginger

They say a picture is worth a 1 000 words and this is so true.

How can all these people be wrong? They gave total faith for their own flesh and blood to be injected repeatedly with toxic mercury when at the time even the doctors and vaccine regulators were not even aware of what was in those shots as the thimerosal may not have been listed and even so you would have to be one in a million to supect that it had mercury in it.

The clue in hindsight "mer" is easy to remember as is "mur" for murder which is what the authorities, regulators and doctors have done to people like Harry Clark who survived for 6 long hours from a mercury shot before dying.

Doctors that killed him then testifying that the mom and dad were murderers even!

John Fryer Chemist

quicksilver said...

to spydyee

It is excellent that people are not all singing the same voice.

You claim you have never had mercury vaccines and this is the honest view of many. But how can you live in USA for the past 40 years and not have been injected with mercury?

The govt. themselves claim that thimerosal has been added to vaccines for those in the current generation and their parents.

The big change is that today we get mercury injected earlier and more often.

I would personally go through your vaccines schedules with you and your husband and children and see just how many mercury vaccines you have had.


DTP had mercury in it almost certainly. The death to Harry Clark is only one example out of 100 000 plus that died straight after them.

To be sensible, even normal, as you claim is an indication that the toxin is at the limit where suspicion is not laid at the gate of mercury for nearly 70 years.

You can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time but you can't fool all of the people all of the time.

Mercury is the worlds most toxic element and is at levels where it can catalytically destroy our brain cells.

Mercury is in 2008 USA vaccines both for use inside and outside the country.

This is not just unacceptable but actually harming millions of people that are injected and at the same time destroying totally any faith or total belief in anything said by doctors, regulators or govt.

The bigger the lie the more it will be believed.

Mercury is toxic and no amount of lying will make it safe for anyone even those that don't realise they have been harmed by it.

It appears you yourself are the best example of this. Never diagnosed as being ill or having a diagnosable illness until after you yourself allowed mercury injections for your children.

The offer to check your medical history for mercury injections is there unless you now know you have had a mercury injections in the past.

John Fryer Chemist

andrea chiu said...
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