May 10, 2011

83 Canaries in the Vaccine/Autism Coal Mine

... at least.

Remember when Julie Gerberding said the Hannah Poling case was "rare"?

Remember when Julie Gerberding said that what happened to Hannah should not be generalized to "normal" children?

Remember when Julie Gerberding said she had "looked and looked" and could not find a link between vaccines and autism?

Julie Gerberding was lying her ass off. I want her under oath before Congress and then under oath in front of a jury.

Today we learn that Hannah Poling is only rare in that her parents had the biggest balls among the autism families in vaccine court, some of whom had been warned not to talk about their settlements in case HHS might turn off financial support to their children, and Hannah's mom and dad talked first. Otherwise she is just another face in a crowd that probably includes hundreds of children with autism paid by the sham that they dare to call a "Vaccine Court".

Of the vaccine induced brain damage cases that the program compensated that EBCALA found, 40% of them were associated with autism. If this percentage holds out for the entire 1300+ brain damage rulings in the program, that is more than 500 children with vaccine regressions that have "Autism" or "Autism-like symptoms" or "Autism-like Syndrome" or "Features of Autism" or "ASD ish" or "Spectrum Derivativeness" or "Insert Bull Shit Make Up Phrase To Obscure Wide Spread Vaccine Damage Here", that our government recognized while lying to our faces to trick us into handing over our children to a vaccine program they KNEW was causing this damage.

They KNEW this before Chandler was born in 2002!




I am in a blind rage today.

Fox did a great segment on this yesterday:

Press Conference in an hour:

Live Broadcasting by Ustream

Someone just sent me a shot of the cameras watching the conference:

Ready to fight? Get me your contact information.


Unknown said...

Seemed like the press that was there didn't even know what the message was.

Here is my message:

Julie said...

the fact that gerberding left her job at the cdc to head merck says it all. she's as filthy as are the vaccine toxins poisoning out children today!

Julie said...

please change "out" to "our". sorry about that!!

designbybrenda said...

Yes! Well said!!!

Nehla said...

Hi Ginger. I'm helping you out. Here's the original video of Julie Gerberding interviewed by Sanjay Gupta.

MyConsign said...

So glad to see a fire lit -- again -- under this matter of grave concern for millions of families across our Nation! Often wondered if you combined ALL children who suffer from any and all forms of neurological damage, not just ASD, just how much staggering would those 1/100 counts actually be ;)

I fully agree that if the medical field and pharmaceutical industry is going to continue to roll the dice on our children, then any and all of those vaccine-injured children should, at a minimum, receive payment for any and all medical and related services necessary to provide the best outcome for each and every child!

Gina said...

Hell Yeah! I'm looking forward to seeing the unfolding. Thanks Ginger!

Anonymous said...

Well at least someone is picking up on this..

B said...

I love how Autism Speaks...does not speak the last 2 days other than to talk about fluff that is not important too. This is ridiculous but we are not surprised, are we?

Robert said...

I know there is no "evidence" proving vaccines directly cause autism but I work in the hyperbaric industry and I have heard story after story from parents telling me that their child was fine until they received their vaccine shots. What I have seen though is that hyperbaric therapy can significantly help with most neurological disease including autism. We have created a free website listing facilities nation wide. I hope this can help. The wed site is and it lists clinics and facilities throughout all 50 states. I have seen first hand how well hyperbaric therapy can help to make a autistic child's life return to somewhat of normality.