May 23, 2011

Autism One's Free Livestream!

So excited! I will be in Chicago for Autism One in 48 hours!

Even more excited that Ed Arranga, in his passion to get healing information to families any way he can, has not only made the Autism One Conference free this year, he is streaming it live on the internet gratis! ON SIX CHANNELS!

You can find the schedule here.

And the Ustream feed is here .

And just in case you wanna watch right now (when the conference starts) I will embed channel 3 here:

Free video chat by Ustream
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The info straight from AO:

FREE Live Video Streaming

AutismOne/Generation Rescue Conference Goes Worldwide! Live Video Streaming of all Conference Presentations is confirmed!

With years in the making and lots of hard work we have confirmed that we are going to be able to offer live video streams of the conference presentations.

After each lecture we will be selling the presentation DVDs and Digital Downloads in the You may want to visit the schedule page here >> we will be uploading FREE downloadable handouts of the presentation materials and have links to each Digital Download as they become available.

For those at the conference this will be a great way to see the presentations you loved again and to experience the ones you couldn't attend. With over 150 different sessions over 5 days no one can see them all at the conference.

For those of you who couldn't make the conference we will be sorry to miss you but are happy you can experience some of the conference at home.

Tune into the AutismOne Channel

'AutismLive' on Ustream

The link to Ustream will be posted to the home page all days of the conference.

Join the conversation! Ustream provides the ability to chat with others watching the presentations. You need to be a Ustream member to join the chat. Now would be a good time to become a Ustream member and ensure your voice is part of the dynamic community conversation.

Please help us spread the word about this amazing effort that allows us to bring the AutsimOne / Generation Rescue Conference 2011 to all the families in need world-wide!

We couldn't have offered this free conference and live stream without the help of all our great sponsors especially our title sponsor OxyHealth. A heartfelt thanks goes out to them!

Please Note: Live streaming 150 presentations on 6 channels is a huge undertaking and there may be some technical difficulties but we will do our best!

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