August 27, 2010

Preventing Autism Before and During Pregnancy

This process of the public recognizing and accepting that autism is preventable and treatable is moving much more slowly than it should have (It should have made the front page of the NYT just after the turn of the century and that should have been it), but it is moving, the paradigm has shifted, and things are not going back to the way they were.

Try as they might, the hypervaccinators, Pharma shills and government ass coverers have not been able to keep the public, and growing sections of the medical community, from understanding that the autism epidemic is indeed an epidemic and is the result of the toxic avalanche coming down on our little ones from before conception until they get their last, brain inflaming doses of untested and under-tested vaccines.

This month we saw the Senate finally hear that autism is an environmental illness, in which mercury is implicated (despite the best spinning that the best PR spinners have tried). This year we saw the country walk away from THE biggest scare campaign to dose the country with mercury toxic vaccines in my lifetime.

People get that vaccines are a serious risk and are taking action to mitigate that risk.

This news piece is just another example of the fact that mainstream medicine and media gets it, and while they cant' yet say the V word, using the mercury word is surely code for vaccines, so they might as well.

In my mind, the announcement of the Poling concession was D day, and we are now in the march across Europe. But this war will end as people come to see what Pharma and Govt have done, and how they have lied to the public, and as they retire, those who come in behind them, who do not have blood on their hands and can admit that things have gone way over the line, will pull back.

We will likely never get our apology, but as we see in this story, and in the Senate last month, they know. And they are making changes.

If the autism story ends like the thalidomide story, I will die a happy woman.

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