August 3, 2010

Congress Learns that Autism is Environmental

Wow... so I am watching this hearing, and I can't believe I am watching a hearing in the US Congress.

The horse is out of the barn. I don't know how Offit/Orac/Snyderman et. al. are gonna get it back in.

Autism is environmental. You heard it in congress. Barbara Boxer even learned the word "epigenetics".


bobscott said...

I just finished up working on a project with People magazine and MLB that highlighted some Allstars Among Us. One of the women we photographed has a child with Autism and she set up a program at her sons local grade school that implemented a interactive class room and playground that is safe for Autistic kids. She runs the Simpson-Baber Foundation.
It's a grade school in Bayonne , NJ they has special classrooms ( they look like kitchens and several tables for the kids to work at...and it was amazing seeing these kids with Autism learning in this environment and I would totally recommend contacting someone there to see how their program works. Good luck.

Caitlin Wray said...

I don't know... I find the discussion at the hearing, especially toward the end, really disturbing. It reinforces my fear that genetic research has nothing to do with making quality of life better for autistics, and everything to do with eliminating autistics from the global population. That's not something I support. I believe autistic minds have so much to offer - a way of being, seing, and thinking that is a yin to the yang of us neurotypicals. I shudder to think of a world without people who see the world the way my son does, and he sees it through a lens of autism.


John Best said...

Genetic research only has to do trying to identify a common factor by which they direct blame away from thimerosal. They've known for years that the real genetic factor is the APO-E4 protein but they won't discuss that at all. It would expose the drug companies.

Anonymous said...

Man these things are boring. I could only get a half-hour in before I had to start reading a book to avoid complete boredom. If there's a transcript around I'll read the whole thing but I never see the point of video news. It's like the slowest form of information transfer I can think of.

A few things from the first half-hour: Paul from the EPA gives the impression that autism figures can't be explained any other way than an increase in disease prevalence. To the point of appearing to make a logical error. The only sources of increase he mentions the study makes use of is change in criteria and early diagnosis but misses things like diagnostic substitution. Burbam seems to imply that regardless of the idea that there may be an environmental risk factor it doesn't appear to be mercury.

All in all nobody seemed at that time seemed to be conclusively saying that there was a significant environmental risk. Just that they want to study it. Which seems like a good idea but it's worth noting that that doesn't necessarily mean that the evidence has reached some kind of tipping point. People do studies on Reiki and Bezoars.

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