July 18, 2009

Up With People - Obama Style

So the Obama administration has set up several new web sites (and all have you tube channels so I subscribed to all of them), one of which is America.gov. The tag line of the site is: "Engaging the World". It looks to be a "hey world, Obama is in charge now, like us again" PR web site.

America.gov now has this video up on its you tube channel:

"Change You Can Believe In - Obama Music Video"

As I watched this a couple of things came to mind.... first was...

"Great. Up With People have ditched their sweater vests and they're back, this time with soul and singers that can actually sing".

And then I noticed that one guy was actually wearing a sweater vest.

Then I thought, "I wonder if ABC News is ok with the administration stealing their opener and implying endorsement of their 'Obama as Savior' type message".

Then I thought, the auto-tune being over used on the voices was a metaphor on how artificial and overproduced this piece was, while trying to look like they were not trying very hard.

Then I thought, "What pr flack/policy wonk wrote this song? No actual legitimate song writer would compose the phrase, '...transform sectors of energy, education and health, and bring prosperity to all'."

And then there is, "Yes we can.... work for the common good..."

What common good? And who decides what is the common good? Was my son getting sick from vaccines part of the "common good" to prevent a viral outbreak? "Common good" is a really pretty phrase until you realized that it is quite often used as an excuse by the majority to screw the minority and those too weak to fight back.

Hell, people openly argued that slavery should be allowed to continue, even though they admitted it was wrong, because to end it would bring about economic collapse. And they were right, the South collapsed after the war and some parts never came back.

You guys ok with those kind of "common good" arguments?

I really like the part where they sing, "different cultures, different faces yet, all equal and all free, driven by a dream to explore our potential... ".

These people apparently don't live in the same world as Julie Obradovic and me.

"Let it be said by our childrens' children that..."

The autism rate is growing by 10 to 17 percent a year, will any of our childrens' children be able to say anything?!

Then I remembered that scene from "Dave" where Kevin Klein, posing as the president who was in the basement in a coma, challenged his cabinet to stop wasting money on BS Public Relations campaigns. And bless You Tube's little heart, it was there waiting for me:

Apparently the Obama administration and Nancy Pelosi (who refuse to allow autism coverage in their "COMPREHENSIVE" health care for "all Americans") are perfectly happy to tell a 14 year old boy with autism that he has to go with out treatment or services so they can make someone feel good about a President they have already elected.

Can we, working together for the "common good" of not wasting money on this kind of PR BS, instead actually address the problems of our society, starting with the fact that more than one percent of children are becoming mysteriously neurologically damaged?


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