July 2, 2009

Maine CDC Autism Conference: Intro by Dora Mills

As I have previously mentioned, in May the Maine CDC held a one day conference on Autism. The videos of the conference will be available on the Maine CDC web site, however Maine state law requires that they be ADA compliant before going up, and the process of close captioning the videos is proving to be time consuming. So in my impatience, I am uploading my copies of the videos (with permission from Maine CDC who is encouraging their free circulation.)

Conference materials available here on the Maine CDC web site.

Those who would like a set of DVD's of the conference, for yourself, your organization or to pass along to doctors and public health officials, email me.

Maine CDC Autism Conference 2009
Introduction and Overview of Autism in Maine
Dora Anne Mills, MD, MPH
Director, Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention, State Health Officer
with Becky Grant-Widen, Board Member of the National Autism Association

Next session:
Autism 101: First signs and symptoms, Maine’s new screening tool, how and when to refer for specialized diagnostics, how a diagnosis is made, AAP Autism Toolkit, diagnostic and therapeutic services in Maine.


Erica said...

I realize I just now found this link many years after the fact. But I have to ask... how does this woman, Dora Mills, live with herself? I opposed her in 2004 with the first bill in Maine to notify parents of the dangers of Thimerosal in vaccines. She stood before the Senate Committee and said Thimerosal in vaccines posed no harm. According to her speech here, she knew full well Thimerosal in vaccines was a problem in 1999. She lies. Maine did not remove Thimerosal-containing vaccines from the childhood schedule then. I know because my son developed autism after a DTaP vaccine which still contained Thimerosal in 2001. Thimerosal is STILL IN VACCINES in 2013! It is in the Tetanus/Pertussis vaccine and the flu shot which is now on the schedule for all children! She seems a little hot under the collar during this presentation. I wonder if her three friends feel she would have been on the other side had it been her son that had developed autism.

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