January 1, 2008

A New Blog For A New year

Happy New Year Friends!

As you may have noticed as of late, more and more of my Autism Blogging is also God Blogging. Because I have much more to say on the God side than is autism specific, I have launched a new blog called Daily Discernment.

It will be much of the same me that you know from here, writing much the same way I do here, except instead of taking a hard look at the American Medicine in its relationship to autism, I will be looking at the American Church and its relationship to the actual truth and direction of God.

The visible church is falling down on the job much the same way main stream medicine is.

Neither are operating according to their own mandates, and neither are proving to be very teachable.

So, like autism, it is time to go back to the beginning, take a look at what is actually going on in the church and measure it against The Truth.

If you have enjoyed my God Blogging here, please visit me at DailyDiscernment.com


The Cloaked Stranger said...

Hi! :)

My name is Gavin Williams, and I have Asperger's Syndrome in the autistic spectrum. I found your blog quite by accident, and have been perusing the files. I wish you all the best in this endeavour and with the challenges with your son.

On my own blog I've been posting a book it took me a decade to write, and after being diagnosed with AS two years ago, I realized it's a reflection of the way my mind works, which is different from neurotypical. I've since edited the book so that it's more evident that one of the main characters has Asperger's, because it's as much about AS as it is about life and spirituality.

Being a Christian, and having AS, largely influenced the entire text, so I resonate with your "least of these" comments in the God's Economy series.

(If you decide to check out my story, I apologize that some characters have really bad language -- they're based on real people, I don't talk like that myself -- the story is largely the interplay of my imagination, faith, AS and real life to create one narrative)

Ginger Taylor said...

Hi Gavin!

Thanks so much for your encouragement.

I went to look at your writing, but could not find a link to it from your profile.

Could you post a link?

The Cloaked Stranger said...

oops, sorry! here's a link:


After I wrote it, I realized it probably could only be written by someone in the autistic spectrum: it's not linear, and has layers of symbolic and spiritual meanings within the narrative.