January 31, 2008

Thank You ABC


I just got finished watching Eli Stone, and I can't believe that a show got it so right. I mean not perfect, but damn close.

Even the internal attempted cover up of evidence.

ABC didn't even cave and put in the 'no proven link' BS disclaimer afterward.

Wow. I'm kinda stunned.

And a little speechless. Which is saying a lot for me.

Thank you Greg Berlanti
Thank you Mark Guggenheim
Thank you Ken Olin
Thank you Andrew Ackerman
Thank you Johnny Lee Miller
Thank you Touchstone

And thank you to Laura Benanti for playing a real autism mom.

I mean, she was a real autism mom. Except that her hair and make up was done, of course. She had done all the research, she knew her stuff better than the professionals around her, she was not afraid to speak up, she was more concerned with the safety of rest of the kids that would come behind her son than she was of making money for her own son, and she pushed the people around her to do the right thing no matter what it cost them.

She was not afraid to fight a loosing battle with everything she had, and do it for all the right reasons.

Thank you to everyone involved in this production for telling our story in about as good a way as you could have told in 44 minutes.

I am not used to major networks owned by multinational corporations propped up by bajillions in pharma advertising dollars telling this story so close to right on the nose.

I am not sure what to do with myself.

Must. Lie. Down. Rethink. World. View.

Update: Thanks Hulu

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me said...

I was excited about this too. But it is also a misconception that it is only thimerasol that is the problem. Most people don't realize that we mom's are saying it is all environmental toxins which includes too many shots given to children when they are babies and infants.

Anyway, I agree. I think the show was wonderful. I was so excited that we mom's are finally being portrayed as people who know what we are talking about and given a little cred that we know our kids and what affects them..