October 24, 2007

Does Autism Speaks Support Autism Eugenics?

Whose Planet is it Anyway has called our attention to some truly upsetting information about Autism Speaks associations.

I have repeatedly mentioned that if AS is successful in their autism gene search before treatment options are fully developed, that the "Cure" for autism will become the same as the "Cure" for Downs Syndrome. Abortion.

I have always assumed that AS did not actually intend this to be the outcome from the beginning, but I may have been naive.

Autism Speaks' Eugenic Agenda

It's not really news that the ultimate goal of Autism Speaks is to wipe out the entire autistic population through prenatal testing and eugenic abortion. After all, one of their leading researchers, Dr. Joseph Buxbaum of the Autism Genome Project, frankly admitted as much in an interview almost three years ago, before NAAR merged into Autism Speaks.

But for the most part, they've managed to put up a somewhat plausible pretense of being a mainstream charity that just wants to prevent suffering, and so forth. Most of the material on their website is carefully designed to keep the public unaware of their close ideological affinity with the white supremacist agenda of creating a master race through eugenics. A casual reader might not notice a page featuring the views of Dr. James Watson, with whom Bob and Suzanne Wright had a friendly chat regarding autism genetic research at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory:


Watson, a molecular biologist, is famous for his genetic research discoveries. He is equally infamous for his long history of advocating white supremacy and eugenic extermination of people with neurological differences, which he characterizes as curing stupidity.

On October 18th, Watson was suspended from his position as the Chancellor of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory after making racist comments during an interview with a British newspaper that included these remarks about blacks: "all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours – whereas all the testing says not really" and "people who have to deal with black employees find this not true."

It's frankly impossible that Autism Speaks, in making the decision to feature their association with Watson on their website, could have been unaware of his bigoted extremist agenda. His racist attitudes have been well known for many years.


Unknown said...

My name is Laura. I am a single mother. My 10-year old son Laurance is autistic. As a result of his being high functioning, I have a difficult time getting help for him through the system. I was told that the way they determine eligibility is by the childs level of functionality. In other words, if I was no longer in the picture Laurance would have to be functioning low enough for institution standards. This does not make any sense to me.
He has been placed in the "Exceptional Education" program at school; which is anything but exceptional.
Laurance is intelligent, he can learn, he is able to be taught. In fact, it is difficult to see his autism until he you have a conversation with him. Even so, in spite of his ability to read, and he reads very well, he has still to be introduced to any form of social studies in school. Like most 5th graders he is relatively proficient in math, but he struggles with division. He sounds perfectly normal, except he has autism, and that keeps him from getting a proper education.
I am happy to say that his teacher this year is in agreement with me, and she and I are trying to work together to bring him up to standard. However, given his obvious limitations, combined with a typical busy lifestyle, we have not had the success that we were hoping for.
I have not medicated Laurance yet; I wanted that to be his choice, not to mention, I do not know much about the medications available, but I am seriously considering it.

Please check out our blog: http://laurancesworld.blogspot.com/

Laura Wise

AutismNewsBeat said...

As long as autistic are devalued, and groups like GenRescue and others tell as autism is a misdiagnosis for mercury poisoning, then yes, the spectre of eugenics will be very real.

Some Random Girl said...

he should have been aborted. Maybe that's what we should do, test mothers for caring the stupidity gene or the racist gene. Hate breeds hate and I think he should have been aborted. what is he thinking?

Unknown said...

my girlfriend works in direct care with autistic children. every night, she has new bruises, and horrific stories regarding the behavior of the kids she works with. though some, she says, are quite functional, many are just plain violent and destructive.

why do we allow these children to suffer, especially when we know that they grow to be adult who cannot take care of themselves.

even though we think we are doing them a favor by keeping them alive, it is very likely that we are prolonging the suffering and frustration of the autistic person, mainly at the expense of those who have to work with them.

Ginger Taylor said...


I will work very hard to respond rationally to your comment and not respond to it with the derision and contempt that it deserves.

In this country all living people have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That does not go away simply because someone else does not see their live as valuable or believes that they would be better off dead.

For example, I read you comment and think, "Wow... what an evil person! He is so morally vacuous that he is actually advocating murdering the disabled rather than coming up with treatments to improve their lives. This person clearly has no soul and is an empty shell of a person, why are we "keeping him alive"? I could then set about questioning your right to live according to my own subjective assessment of your value as a person, your contribution to the world, the burden you are to someone like me and whether or not your life, as someone with no moral compass, is of sufficient quality to justify NOT KILLING YOU!

What you are advocating is the murder of the innocent.

Do you realize that?

Clearly you do not hold to the principle that human life is valuable no matter what form it comes in, so I will argue my point on a different level.

Do you realize that once you advocate violating the right for one segment of the population to live, you open the door for someone else to do it to you?

If you were in a car accident an hour from now and sustained a head injury and brain damage that lead to loss of impulse control and a hair trigger temper, one could advocate murdering you, excuse me, not "keeping you alive", using your own arguement?

If I could appeal to you for a moment to do something constructive? On my Hightlights section there is a link called, "Autism in God's Economy". It is a six part series. As a favor to me, would you take an evening and read it, and post your thoughts back here?

In addition, if your girlfriends work with the people with autism that we love is so difficult for her that the discussion between you two has turned to even considering the murder of those with special needs, I would request that she seriously consider quitting her job. He is not compelled to work with our kids and if they are a burden to her, which they are to some, she is free to move on and find more pleasurable employment.

As the mother of a child with autism, I don't want anyone working with my son that is not on his side, committed to his best interests and cheering him on.

Debs2 said...

A "charity that just wants to prevent suffering" ? Really?! So really, no one should have babies at all!! No babies at all because there's a LOT of suffering in healthy children too! Sleep deprived mothers, older siblings get put aside, spouses get less time together ETC ETC... there's suffering in this world no matter where we turn! Killing babies make those who LOVE babies suffer! It makes me SICK to know that there are people who are willing to KILL those precious little innocent babies!
I have worked with autistic children and with a little patience they are AMAZINGLY creative and just such LOVING human beings!!! (HUMAN beings!)
Ginger, I totally agree with everything you wrote! I support you! This girlfriend needs to be FIRED from her job... and put in her place!