October 2, 2007

Dan Olmsted Is Back

... and calling out the CDC's shenanigans on The Rescue Post.

If you have not already made The Rescue Post a part of your regular blog reading, time to grab the feed.


Unknown said...

hi ginger- just found your site. my hubby and i have done a couple of vaccines on our twins (hosp did hepb w/out a question to us...) and we followed up w. a couple more but have been asked to leave our pediatrician's office if we choose to not do more. she was willing to do an ammended schedule, but i am thinking NONE is the amendment i am most OK with. this being said, i want my kids to be able to travel someday and some of my more liberal friends who did an adjusted vax sched say that for travelling its a must --- i am reading dr cave & aviva jill romm - would love any further recommendations in reading.
it is refreshing to find your site and to move away from the hysteria & fear-mongering on both sides of this very serious discussion.


Ginger Taylor said...


Thanks for the props.

Cave's book is one I recommend to all moms.

With the travel thing, and in general, I recommend taking it one at a time. reach each vaccine according to YOUR risk factors.

Polio is a horrible disease, but there has not been a case of wild polio in the US since 1979. So if you say here, then I would not recommend it, but if you are traveling to Nigeria, then you need it.

I know that you can check with embassy in the country you are traveling to and they can let you know what illnesses are a problem there and makes vaccination recommendations.

Plan as far in advance as you can and space out the shots. Make sure they have not been sick for two weeks before vaccinating, dose with vitamin C and lots of other vitamins that I can't think of right now but Cave's book will tell you, and supplement glutathione to help clean out the junk in the vaccines.

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