June 14, 2007

Thomas Trains Poison Our Children

I am completely beside myself.

Chandler has been full of lead since he was two. We have been chelating him on and off, but still there is lead. Saw his doc today and got his test from last week. Looke. Lead.

Then I came home to this:


Well sweet Chandler has spent the last 4 or so years with a Thomas train in one hand and another in his mouth.

Every autistic, toxin vulnerable boy anywhere has had one of these trains in his pocket since he had a pocket to put them in.

This is horrible. Who the hell decides to put lead paint on toddlers toys?


Anonymous said...

Hi Ginger,

This is horrible.....my son mouthed a ducky that came from China and I took it from him. I am sure that he was getting some toxic "fix" from it. I took out all plastics that went into his mouth...sippy cups, rings, ect.

He is recovered now, but the two things that helped us the most were diet and not just GFCF, soy, phenol and sugar free, but Nourishing Traditions by Pat Fallon. It is an amazing book that will open your eyes to food and how it can heal. Google weston price foundation to read about it and Dr. Price's work.

The other was to identify toxins in his environment and eliminate them as much as possible and that means molds and fungus too. We also found an awesome homeopath who opens up the detox pathways in the liver, kidneys and lymph and then worked to restore cell integrity and adrenals and stimulate his pineal and pituitary. I know you left CA, he is in Santa Barbara.

He had steady gains with no regression and is in a regular school with no diagnosis. He never had any ABA, speech or OT. I did learn and use Floortime with him early on and did lots of movement based on sensory integration. We only chelated him naturally. It can be done. Good luck...I am so glad you found SCD. Check out Nourishing traditions too.

Anonymous said...

That is terrible. I agree....who thinks that is okay. We can't have it painted on our walls so why is it in their toys!!

Bec said...

I'm feeling rather like I shouldn't purchase anything made in China as the recall list of kids toys with lead paint in them that is huge. An ABC news article says 233 items from China were on the recall list in 2006, with lead being a recurring reason. It's awful, especially this stuff in baby and toddler products.

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