April 18, 2007

Day of Fasting and Prayer for Autism

Monday April 23rd http://www.asdPrayandFast.com

From Unlocking Autism:

As Autism Awareness Month approached us this year, I am sure that so very many of you wondered what you could do to make a difference. Our children are so precious to us and so many of them are still suffering in silence or struggling so bravely in this world that assaults their senses at every corner of their lives.

Paulette Britton, mother of Sam, turned to God for an answer to what she could do to make a difference and below you can read her words as she was impressed to call for a Day of Prayer and Fasting for those affected by autism.

I call on each of you to join with us on Monday, April 23, as we humble ourselves before the Lord in Prayer and Fasting for our children and adults with autism. Please share this info with your friends and family and listmates.


Paulette lives in Southern California and you may contact her with questions and inquiries at: pdbrit@mac.com.

Nancy Cale,
Unlocking Autism

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