April 27, 2007

Chandler Does a New Thing

"Webster"! Chandler yelled as he got out of the car after school today when he saw his brother standing in the doorway.

He ran up the sidewalk and up the stairs and threw his arms around his brother and said, "Gimme a hug", and squeezed and squeezed his big brother, with a huge smile on his face. Finally Web tried to pull Chandler's arms off his neck, but nothin' doin'. When I got there, he put out one arm and said, "Mommy"! So I bent down and he hugged both of us around the neck, smashing all three of our heads together.

He was the one in charge of that hug and I could barely keep my balance.

You would have thought his brother had just come back from war by the greeting he gave him, but it had only been four hours since they had seen each other.

Chandler has never been that excited to see anyone. Ever.

We started him on the SCD diet last week and he has had lots of prayer this week from lots of people that it would help him out. He has been a bit more verbal this week, but the thing that has been the most dramatic is just how affectionate and attentive he has been to us.

I don't remember anything in the research that says that it would turn kids into love machines. Perhaps a study should be done.


Mark said...

just like to say good luck with the SCD Diet. It has worked miracles on our boy (4) . he has been on it for a couple of months supported by some anti fungal agents. over the last week we have seen more Love and laughter than the last 2 years.
he is a joy and his Nursery think we have replaced him with another boy.
please be strong in the next couple of weeks(as the yeast in his gut slowly dies away) your boy may have autistic bad days , but don't give up !
We are not a Christian family but we will hold you in our thoughts and I trust you will say a prayer for us. M+L e+t

Ginger Taylor said...

Hello Apple,

Thanks for the encouragement.

I have heard so many good things from families about the diet, and it has taken me almost a year to actually get him on it. I had to clear all the food out of the house and put the whole family on it.

We have gotten off to a good start. I am bracing myself for die offs. I will of course offer our experiences here.

I will pray for you guys today.

Good to meet you Apple.

HeatherLeeO said...

Hi Ginger
How wonderful it was to hear about your group hug. I am sure there will be more in store for you. Good luck with the SCD diet. I have an autistic granddaughter that we started out slowly with the diet. We took her off all diary and she did a complete turn around that we decided to stay with that. She has been off diary now for about 4 years and is continuing to do great. Keep up the good work and as always you are all in my prayers.
Heahter Lee