October 28, 2006

Unlocking Autism: Autism Dad Escourted from Barton's Office

Just when you think it can't get any worse, apparently it can....

After months of seeking an appointment with his Congressman regarding the Combating Autism Act, Mike, father of a 3.5 year old son with autism who lives in Texas, is escorted on this video (web address below) from Congressman Joe Barton's district office with a police escort.

Not only is Joe Barton hell bent on being the one man to hold up a bill that the majority fo Congress would like to see passed, but he and his staff apparently are tired, and better yet...are actually fearful, of talking to the autism community to the point that even if they are constituents, they will be treated as uninvited guests.

Mike arrived at the office on October 25, 2006, without an appointment at the same time that Congressman Joe Barton was in the conference room meeting with other parents and constituents regarding the Combating Autism Act.

In this clip, Mike is told repeatedly that there is absolutely no room for him to attend the meeting or be included because the room is so so small. No door can be opened. He cannot stand in the door frame of that room. There is just no room at the inn.

Additionally, the staff makes it clear to Mike that members of the autism community are the most vile and frightening people with whom they have ever spoken.

Regardless of the number of times Mike simply requests to speak with his Congressman, his requests are denied. A staffer calls 911 to have Mike removed.

While Mike is firm in expressing his concerns and wishes, he is in no way vile or threatening.

I am sending this to you not to spark a flood of angry calls to Congressman Barton's office, but to employ another tactic. In the past, grass roots activity has been very strong in this community.

What would happen if our community viewed this video over and over and over again?

Would it make the top of the YouTube list? Can we do that? Over this weekend? We get an extra hour after all on Saturday night....

250,000 hits gets you make to the front page of their website. Send this link to anyone and everyone you know far and wide. Cousins, co-workers, aunts, neighbors, teachers, friends of friends...pass it on.

Pop popcorn, grab a coke, a smile and have a party....

Because there really is nothing more interesting to me as a citizen of the United States of America than to see a constituent who takes the time to express his concerns to his own Congressman, in person, then be escorted out of the office by police. What has our society regressed to? I would bet Thomas Jefferson and George Washington are rolling over in their graves....

Barton is there to serve Mike whether he wants to serve Mike or not. Mike may or may not have voted for Barton, but regardless Barton opted when he took office to represent his constituency and to do that he has an obligation to listen to Mike's concerns. With that choice, comes responsibility.

The fact that he is clearly present in the office participating in a meeting two rooms over on the very subject Mike wants to discuss but prefers to have Mike escorted from the office by the police rather than open the door to the room is unfathomable to me.

If the opportunity for Americans to visit with their Congressmen is fading, that should be of grave concern to every single American....all 300 Million of us.
Here is the link...happy YouTubing!

Shelley Reynolds
Unlocking Autism


Anonymous said...

Barton is typical of the wrath of ridiculiousness that's running rampant in our government these days. Doesn't matter if you're right or left...NOBODY deserves to be treated as rudely as Barton's staff treated Mike.

This ain't over folks....PASS THIS ON....come on people... speak up and be heard...how much more crap are you gonna take? Don't wait till it affects you personally before you speak up and be heard.

Rise up...rise up!

Ginger Taylor said...

Previous comment deleted.

Saying such ugly things about innocent autistic children is out of bounds for this site.

If you would like to repost your criticism of "Mike B." you are welcome, but please leave out insults to his child.

Thank You

Anonymous said...

A typical leftwing clintonista, going into a congressional office, provoking and antagonizing a member of congress that you claim to have voted for.

Just like the Iraq war, and support for your president, you have turned your back on your party, your country, and the troops fighting in Iraq right now.

How pathetic that you would go into Rep. Bartletts office, make threats, break the law, and then calm down your attitude just before you turn on your camera for all of us to see. How convenient.

And what did you do or say when you turned off the camera? What is it that prompted the congressmans aides to call the police?

You have turned traitor. You have joined the ranks of the Michael Moore, Cindy Sheehan, and Micheal J Fox crowd. You really should be ashamed of yourself.

Lastly, I have NO SYMPATHY for you or your family, even with the health issues of autism, maybe you should move your family out of Texas, and go to New York, San Francisco, or even Canada. Take your family, your diseases, and your leftist ideas and leave Texas.

I bet you dont even have the guts to let this post stand either (I was right), you probably hate free speach and remove this article fast, cause it points out your disloyalty and traitorous actions.

Just like those that opposed the war in Iraq, and call our president a liar. If you dont like this country, then leave. Pack up your little left wing family, and leave.

Ginger Taylor said...


I guess I am a bit confused by your post. Are you directing it to the man in the video, Mike B, republican from Texas, or to me, Ginger Taylor, blog author and republican from Los Angeles?

Ginger Taylor