October 30, 2006

iAbida Individual Communication Management

I found this site about a week ago and it looks REALLY helpful. We may end up using it for Chandler's care.

Press Release:
iAbida Individual Communication Management™ Proves Valuable to the VP of the Autism Society of Iowa

Sonya Wills, the mother of three autistic children, and the Vice President of the Autism Society of Iowa, has found success with an online application for centralizing communication with her team of professionals.

HARPSWELL, ME (PRWEB via PRWeb) October 30, 2006 -- iAbida Inc. today announced that Sonya Wills has cut communication time in half by using iAbida with educators that work with her three autistic children. iAbida's Individual Communication Management™ system enables schools and parents to drive communication through a password protected web application.

Sonya says "we use this website to REPLACE daily communication journals between home and school. We also have our HHA, SCL, and Respite providers post their experiences here. Speech Therapists and Occupational Therapists can post here also. Instead of keeping a spiral notebook with only correspondence between the teacher/associate and home, you have everybody's input all in one place and you can create reports and print off everything from one specified date to another (we currently do this monthly). Since my kids see a psychiatrist, he is able to review what has happened with the children both at home and at school BEFORE we arrive at our regularly scheduled appointments and advise us based on this information."

"The needs of schools, therapists and parents to communicate about special needs individuals is intense," said Steve Johnson, founder of iAbida and also the father of an 11 year old son with autism. "Parents and professionals see the need for improved communication and have been turning to iAbida as a centralized location for communication. We are really happy to see users such as Sonya and the Iowa autism community benefit from the use of iAbida. It is provided at no charge for individual users and at nominal rates for organizational accounts."

About iAbida, Inc.
iAbida, Inc. provides an online solution to help schools, parents and others communicate about special needs children - including daily journals, behavior tracking, medication, calendar, diet, photo albums, questions and answers, photo, emergency contact information, etc... The person who opens the account has control over who gets to participate in which areas and each person that posts can make their posting available to everybody or individuals only.

Hundreds of users are now getting the benefit from iAbida's communication platform from public schools, parents to private ABA schools.

For more information about iAbida's software and services, visit www.iabida.com

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