December 5, 2005



The CBS Evening News is planning to run a two part report on Monday and Tuesday at 6:30pm Eastern that will explore the "myth" that antiperspirants are linked to breast cancer. Rumors of such a link have long circulated on email. However, the rumors have been dispelled by the antiperspirant industry, the FDA and others. Now, according to new and original research done by CBS News Correspondent Sharyl Attkisson, we learn that an antiperspirant-breast cancer link has not been conclusively ruled out, after all. We understand the distinction since this is similar to the government's autism study findings. Up until now, the government and industry had implied or claimed that the breast cancer link had been definitively ruled out.

Those of you who have followed Sharyl's coverage of the autism/mercury debate know that she is a very thorough investigative reporter who doesn't just accept industry and government reassurances. There is a new Executive Producer for the CBS Evening News who will take control in early January. This development may make it possible for reporters like Sharyl, who continues to have an interest in the autism/mercury story, to develop more original, important, relevent stories on various medical fraud and danger issues.

If the Evening News management gets good feedback on this report, it will help these new managers measure the importance and relevance of such stories to many viewers. The antiperspirant/breast cancer series should also be available online (both in video and printed form). Networks measures interest, in part, by how many clicks they get on these Web items as well as viewer email feedback afterward.

Please take a moment AFTER Sharyl's report (hopefully tonight and tomorrow night), to go to and click on the story and send a message asking for continued coverage of this type of story and mention your interest for continued coverage on the autism/mercury controversy.

Below is a link to one of Sharyl Attkisson's earlier stories.
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