December 9, 2005

Used Gaming Systems Wanted

From Autism Cares:

‘Tis the season….To help a child with autism affected by the hurricanes!

Has your child asked for the newest Xbox, PSP, Gameboy or other video gaming system for Christmas? What will you do with the old one? We have a solution for you that will keep your closets uncluttered, and you can help a child in need!

After the presents have all been unwrapped, assembled, installed and the kids are playing, please pack up their old video game systems and any old games and send them to us! We will send them to children with autism who lost theirs in the hurricanes.

To participate, please email us at and we’ll send you shipping instructions.

Have a Happy Holiday and remember us when the old system gets unplugged!


Holly Bortfeld
AutismCares Care Package Coordinator
AutismCares is a coalition of National Autism Organizations who have come together to help families dealing with autism who are victims of the Gulf Region Hurricanes.

Please forward to everyone!

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