November 16, 2005

Brett on the Communication Problems Between 'US' and 'THEM'

Brett at 29 Marbles has a good commentary on all the good and bad commentary going back and forth between Neurodiv v. Biomed.

He referred to my discussions on the matter as 'intelligent' so hell yeah I am gonna link to him! ;)

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Anonymous said...

Actually there are MORE than TWO 'camps'.

Further, the term "biomed" is not used appropriately, by the group of those who are using any kind of mercury chelation 'protocol' -- that is considered "alternative medicine". The term 'biomedical' is meant to be used in the strictest (eg. "Westeren Medicine") scientific manner. Chelationists are doing alternative medicine. Period.

Those closer to really addressing the neuroglial/neuroinflammatory/neuro-endocrine/neuro-immunological aspects of the co-morbidities that can and may accompany certain ASDs are closer to doing actual biomedical treatment.

Biomedical = relating to the activities and applications of science to clinical medicine.