November 26, 2005

What Suzanne Messina is Thankful For

On this early Thanksgiving Morning, it seems right to pause and reflect on how far this effort has come. The synergistic effect of dedication, loyalty, intellect and emotion that gathers like a hurricane begins to take hold, and creates a wellspring from which truth emerges.

With truth as strong as this, a clear focus is a given. We draw on our patience, our knowledge, and our passion to sustain us, and to keep us focused and positive about achieving our goals.

Life is fleeting, passion and justice elusive. In this somewhat narrowly defined window of time we call our life, we have, collectively, found that passion as we now fight for justice; may we strive to promote truth, destroy myths, and save the bodies and souls of our children from the poison that we know as mercury.

As Evidence of Harm surrounds us, Love drives us, knowledge empowers us, unity saves us.

May each of us use our individual skills to hold the status quo accountable to that evidence, to effect change, and to free our children from the invisible ties that bind them, so that their voices and their bodies become once again...their own.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving, and find comfort in the love you have fostered, the love that surrounds you. The love of family

Suzanne Messina

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