September 7, 2004

Nystatin after two weeks

So it was good, then bad, then good again and now blah.

He responded pretty well for the first 5 days or so, coping with things better, not getting frustrated very easily, more eye contact with mommy. Then things took and a turn and he was back to where we started. I called the doc and he said to make sure he was not getting any sugar at all, so I went to the strictly organic baby food (only veggies) and water to drink. I even took him off his liquid vitamins because there was a bit of sugar in them. And he got better again. I found out that he had been successfully sneaking his brother's juice, so poor Web is now only drinking water in case he leaves it lying around.

He perked back up again for a few days. Then Web got sick. Then Chan got sick. Then Chan got a hold of his brother's breakfast while mom and dad were distracted and he got two pieces of toast. Now everyone is walking around the house whining and crying. Including mommy.

I am hoping that we can get these boys better, then get all the gluten out of Chandler's system, make sure the yeast is down, then start chelation.

You know when you are trying to run a marathon and some jerk runs out of the crowd and knocks you down? That sucks. I feel like that now.

I cry a lot.


Mel said...

Been reading your blog for quite a while. Sorry to hear that you guys are down. Take care and get well soon. *Hugs* from a stranger, if you don't mind. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, have you seen the book Feast without Yeast. The Dr that made that book also recommends removing vinegar and anything with the word 'malt' in it as he says they are the worst offenders, but are often overlooked in different diets.

bonnie felter said...

just reading your blog ... my daughter is 3 years with ASD ... is heartbreaking ... would love to know more of your journey ... am trying nystatin beginning next week. heartbreaking.