September 14, 2004

Chelation - for real this time

So we finally got the death flu out of the way and are back on course. I started Chandler on his first round of DMSA yesterday. He will be on the meds for 5 days at a time with breaks in between to give his body a chance to process all the junk out.

Yesterday I didn't see anything new, but this morning he seems a bit different. He was dancing with Ernie and Burt this morning, copying them while they were doing their exercises. I have only seen him do that once before.

He came to get me to give him something more to eat after breakfast, and the usual routine is he comes to me in my chair, pulls on me and whines, say in place and encourage him to say "up", he starts crying and pulling harder, and either he eventually says "up" or I give in. Just now he came over, grabbed my hand looked me in the eye and just said "up". So we walked to the kitchen and as soon as he got to the gate he said, "apple". It was a more smooth transaction than normal. This, by the way, is the third day in a week that he has asked for an apple.

He just seems happy today. Not silly or laughing, just in a good mood.

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