August 1, 2004

Day Thirteen - First at home

So my husband has been remarking that Chandler just seems different. Of his comments, he has mentioned that his expressions are much more expressive and thoughtful.

I have a more specific description of his facial expressions. Hold on, this may sound odd, but... his eyes are bigger. I look at him now and every time I do I think, "what big beautiful eyes he has these days". I don't know if he is just opening them wider and actually looking at the world or what, but his eyes are bigger.

This morning we went to church as usual, but it was not as usual. It has NEVER been this easy to manage him at church. I unclipped his buckle from his car seat and he did the rest. He walked where I told him to and held my hand when I took it to walk down the street. It was completely struggle free and usually by the time I have him dropped off and get to Sunday school myself, I am trying to calm myself down and cool off from all the sweatin' I do trying to move him from A to B. I am really happy.

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