March 31, 2013

More Public Relations Nonsense Sold To You As "Science."

DeStefano has offered up another crap study (I think just to defend Paul Offit's "100,000 vaccines at once are safe for an infant" garbage) and I have decided to use it appropriately. Let's all do this just to make a point on what utter uselessness is getting published and accepted by the medical profession.

Step 1 - Print out the study

Step 2 - Take your child to your local Pediatrician, and tell them that based on the study, you are now ready to start vaccinating your child again.

Step 3 - When the nurse enters with the shot, tell her you don't want the whole thing, just the antigens in the shot. Not the adjuvants, preservatives, growth mediums, antibiotics, soaps, proprietary mystery secret sauce, etc... Since that is what the study says is not causing autism.

Step 4 - Watch the doctor and nurse, say, "Ummmm... what?" and then try to figure out what the hell is wrong with you.

Step 5 - Explain why this is a totally inapplicable and crapulent "study." Explain that the antigens are at the bottom of the list of suspects for autism causation.  Ask why they didn't just do the vaxxed v. unvaxxed study that the FDA asked for in 1981 and that parents have been demanding for decades, because it certainly would have been a lot simpler and cheaper than doing this piece of irrelevant mush.

I'm sure much more patient and thoughtful analysis of this thing are coming, (you know, one that might point out that this compared vaxxed kids to vaxxed kids, that they did the thing backward, that there was no actual control group, that they could have saved some cash and just counted the number of shots kids had in a given time period... little things like that) but I was so annoyed by it that I didn't have the patience to give it that much thought. Will post links here when they become available.


First out of the gate is Brian Hooker:  
Can We Trust the CDC Claim that There is No Link Between Vaccines and Autism?

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