August 9, 2010

1983 - 23 Doses of Vaccine, 2010 - 70 Doses of Vaccine

Someone came across the 1983 US recommended vaccine schedule on the CDC's web site:

23 doses of vaccine, birth to 18 years old.

Today our kids are supposed to get 70 doses.

What has changed? Where was the mass death of children to justify more than tripling the number of vaccines children get?

No mass deaths, just the 1985 vaccine act that gave vaccine makers immunity from killing and maiming children, and and a corrupt ACIP.

And as a reminder of the massive scale of this malpractice, there is no testing, none, that tells us what giving children this vaccine schedule (or any vaccine schedule we have ever had) does to our children.

This in the Age of Autism, where 1 in six children have a developmental disability or delay, where autoimmune and neurological disorders are rampant.



Nicole said...

great blog. thank you for saying this, someone really has to! I believe in minimal vaccines, measles mumps rubella and thats about it, and only as long as the vaccines don't have thimerosal.

Monica Bice said...

I have been looking for old schedules. Would love to see what the 70's looked like.

The schedule triples, yet the true number of those who have contraindicated conditions to those vaccines is unknown, but rapidly climbing.

In 2000, the WHO recognized 75 forms of PI- Primary Immunodeficiency, a condition which is listed in the Package Inserts as a contraindication for many of today's vaccines. In fact, the package inserts state these same vaccines can cause encephalitis and death in the immune deficient. In 2007, the WHO recognized 150 forms of PI. This year, the number climbed to 200.

One out of every 333 blood donations in the US tests positive for the most common form of PI, Selective IgA Deficiency.

(PI prevalence report-

The immune system is compromised if the child has a slight fever, cough, runny nose, earache or is teething, as well.

And that is only ONE of the contraindicated conditions.

Freakin' Russian Roulette we're playing with our kids and our future.

Minority said...

Actually 23 doses seems high to me. When I was a child it was smallpox and DPT and that was it. Then they added the polio shot: first the injectable version that didn't really work all that well (which has been covered up) and then everyone had to have the oral vaccine.

My family never vaccinated for anything. Outcome? Five healthy children who all became adults and are all still alive, now in their 50s and 60s.

My grandkids have received only one flavor of vaccine. No problem.

Anonymous said...

...and I ask again (and it's hard to imagine how this isn't "on topic") is this supposed to be hyperbole?

How can anyone respond if you're not even willing to give some pretty fundamental information.

Ginger Taylor said...

I deleted your comment because I thought it was just another bad faith post. Is what hyperbole?

If you have a question or are looking for information, then ask a real question.

You have links to both schedules, you can count, so what is it that you are referring to?

DJ Carrera said...

The change is the amount of vaccines is just staggering! I just happened across your blog, great information! I am still fairly new to all the terms,and am working my way through it all. Thanks for the post. :)

Ginger Taylor said...

Tell me about it PG. And staggering that it shows no sign of slowing down at all.

There are more than 100 vaccines in the pipeline, many with completely new technologies.

If we don't know what the vaccine program does now, do we plan on just continuing to add with out knowing the synergistic effects of additional vaccines?

Yep... apparently we do.

(OT reminder that questions about comments policies should be emailed directly to me, as not to diminish on topic comments and discussions).

Jim Thompson said...

Look at the prices for these vaccines.


So four million children born each year times 18 years times 47 more vaccines = Billions!?!

And private citizens are given a $1.99 special for receiving vaccines with 50 parts per million mercury (the FluZone private citizen cost per shot is $13.16 without versus $11.17 with Thimerosal preservative).

For thimerosal content of Fluzone, see

Jim Thompson said...

The United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is:

(1) giving out grant funds for mercury containing flu shots for pregnant women and children over 6 months, and
(2) and declaring that the mercury equivalent to 4 U.S. ounces of D009 mercury hazardous waste is safe to inject into their bodies.



space101 said...

The schedule has exploded from 23 to 70 doses by the time a child is 18. Here’s the impact on those diseases that have had vaccines added in that time:

Source: CDC (latest info available is 2005)

Hepatitis A
1983 Deaths: 82
2005 Deaths: 43

Hepatitis B
1983 Deaths: 438
2005 Deaths: 642

Haemophilus (Hib)
1991 Deaths: 17 (no CDC data until 1991, added in 1989)
2005 Deaths: 4

Varicella (Chicken Pox)
1983 Deaths: 57
2005 Deaths: 13

No Pneumococcal or Rotavirus data at the CDC. Perhaps one can justify PCV as pneumonia does kill thousands, but they are primarily elderly. Shouldn’t those at risk be getting the shot? Why does my kid need four doses to protect adults that are fully capable of making the decision for themselves? Rotavirus is little more than diarrhea.

Those “deadly” diseases of Hep A, Hib, and chicken Pox dropped by 86 deaths in a country of ~ 300,000,000 people. These are diseases that are inconvenient, not deadly. Mortality rates for those with the disease are in the 1 in 5000 range.

Hep B actually increased by 204 deaths since 1983.

If we had iron clad proof the current schedule was safe, perhaps you could justify the schedule based on the fact that a small number of lives are saved. We don’t. The studies that prove the safety of administering six to nine doses simultaneously don’t exist. What do exist are thousands and thousands of parental reports describing autistic regression after vaccination, among them my son.

Please keep up the good work.