April 13, 2010

I Will Be On Autism One Radio Today

Correction! It will be on Voice America - http://www.voiceamerica.com/voiceamerica/vportal.aspx

At noon today Louise Habakus and I will be interviewed by Terri Arranga, about the upcoming American Rally for Personal Rights.


Otto von Kotzebue said...

I assume you are too busy to continue our conversation, but just so you know, I did reply: http://www.bikiniatollblog.com/2010/04/yes-vaccines-do-save-lives-my-response.html#comments

Ginger Taylor said...

I will not be able to check it before the weekend.

But please, before I take the time to do this, can you please re read the pieces that you are referring to, and your own writing, and check yourself, because you have not even read my writing with enough care to understand the temporal proximity between my son's vaccines and his regression. And you even made a snarky point about it that just made you look foolish.

Additionally, all of the research that I have listed is a part of supporting the diffrent mechanisms that are believed be in play in vaccine/autism causation. So please farmiliarize yourselves with the theories and cases they refer to before you just blow them off. Skimming your commentary on them, it didn't seem like you had an understanding of the framework that they fit into.

I really want to engage with people of your opinions on a good faith basis, but this is a very serious issue, and as you have pointed out, the lives of children are at stake. But I hope you understand that I have given up and moved on from trying to have good faith conversations with people who are just trying to look cool. (Please see my very long post on despensing with the bad faith crap despensed by promanent "skeptics" http://adventuresinautism.blogspot.com/2009/09/chris-mooney-sheril-kirshenbaum-lori.html)

And please leave comments on the origional post (Offit's endorsement of coerced and forced vaccination) that you began on... this is completely off topic for this post.

Jennifer said...

Have you heard of Brain Balance Achievement Centers? They approach neuro-behavioral disorders in a different way... as in imbalance of communication between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Thus, their non-medical approach is different than traditional therapies. A friend of mine with a moderately autistic son has had great results from the center in Peachtree City, GA. I've been to an informational meeting because my daughter has SPD but we haven't been through the program yet. Hope this helps. Good luck!

ESTEEM Youth Programs LLC said...

Ms. Shelley Hendrix Reynolds,

This is a most unorthodox way of reaching you, but these are most unorthodox times, right? I am the owner/director of a summer camp in Baton Rouge, and in trying to assist a family I don't think I am able to serve, I have been led to reach out to you. Might you be willing to speak with me, at least briefly, on how we might be able to serve families with children on the autism spectrum? www.esteemyouth.com is our website, esteemyouth@gmail.com is the email and 225.302.6581 is the phone number. I am Sheila Griffin, and I would appreciate your help. Thank you for your commitment!