October 25, 2009

Child Vaccinated at School Against Parents Wishes

That didn't take long.


Autism Mom Rising said...

Wish I could hear this. I'm on an old computer and the flash isn't updated.

This is why my son will be conspiciously absent on H1N1 day and make up day. We've already sent a certified letter to the principal saying our son is not to be vaccinated. Last year they over dosed him 10 times over dose for his seizure medcine by accident. Yeah, he won't be there on H1N1 day.

Robin Nemeth said...

The school superintendent has never known any of the health department workers to ever have made a mistake!

Ahahah—well of COURSE not!

*big sigh*

I’d heard rumors that some school districts were setting up flu shot clinics in the schools. This sort of thing scares me a lot. When I was a kid, we had vaccines given in the grade school. I can remember at least once but probably twice, being marched down the hall to the nurse’s office with the rest of my classmates, to get a vaccine.

I called my kids high school a few days ago. I know they’re older and this sort of thing—a mistake being made—isn’t so likely. But I worry about peer pressure; they see everyone else getting the shot, they’ll feel pressured to go ahead and get one. I know they’re minors and legally would have to have parents permission, but I honestly believe that there are a lot of nurses out there who don’t care at all about any of that, and would do what they believe is the right thing to do and the parents wishes be damned.

I felt sort of stupid and sort of paranoid, when I called the high school to say that if they decided to do a flu shot clinic at the school I had better be informed about when it would be, because I intended to keep my three children home from school that day. I’m thinking now that I oughta stop being so hard on myself…