May 25, 2009

Memorial Day: C. Chandler Perine

Marine Corps 1st Lt. C. Chandler Perine was my uncle and he loved me.

He died in the service of his country on November 15, 1970 at the age of 26 when the plane he was piloting suffered mechanical failure during take off from McGuire AFB, New Jersey

Chan, my father's younger brother, served as a helicopter pilot in Vietnam, a football player in college and "class flirt" in high school.

He is dearly missed.

My youngest son, Chandler Perine Taylor, is named in honor of him.


Wade Rankin said...

We often need to be reminded that there is risk in serving the country both in and out of actual combat. We owe so much to those who place themselves in harm's way out of a sense of duty and honor. We owe an equal debt to their families as they share in that risk.

Linda said...

What a wonderful post to honor your uncle. I stay updated on your blog and through your mom. I'm amazed with all you're doing in the autism field. I know she is proud of you and so am I!