November 21, 2008

Boston Launches Flu Shot Tracking

Does this freak anyone out just a little? Or is it just me?

The logical stage two would be to use this to find out who has not been vaccinated, applying pressure to do so, and implementing restrictions on those who don't.


Curtis said...

Mrs. Taylor,

Have enjoyed your blog very much. Am new to this arena, so your insight is extremely helpful.

Does Chandler have any issues with certain noises? My company is developing some new audio technology that may help. (We're testing in the local school district right now with good results so far)

Perhaps you would like to do some evaluation for us? Would much appreciate the chance to talk.

In Him,


Anonymous said...

Good heavens! What next, are they going to sneak into our homes and vaccinate us while we sleep?

Sounds pretty Orwellian to me. The CDC is also supposedly using the search engine Google to track the flu based on how many people do a search for the word "flu" in any given area. Now how dumb is that? Because I do a search for flu symptoms I suddenly have the flu? Yah right!

I think I'll do a search for "bubonic plague" over and over again just to mess with them!@@