November 27, 2008

Autism Rate in the UK is now 1 in 88

... and 1 in 54 boys.

Autism catastrophe
Published Date: 28 November 2008
The Scotsman

...The most recent government study confirmed that the rate of autism in the UK now stands at one child in 88, with the rate for boys, who are most likely to be affected, around one in 58. Make no mistake, this is a public health catastrophe.

As a result of parental demand, Autism Treatment Trust opened a clinic in Edinburgh in 2006 and to date has arranged comprehensive testing and commenced treatments for more than 300 autistic children. The results of the tests have been striking and a remarkable pattern is emerging: gastrointestinal issues are common, particularly inflammation; food intolerances and allergies feature regularly, as do immune abnormalities and heavy metal toxicity. Many of these children are very ill. All are treatable.

The belief that autism is solely genetic in origin is unsustainable; environmental factors must be at play. You do not get genetic epidemics.

President, Autism Treatment Trust
Stafford Street


BlogStalker said...

I don't know who Bill Welsh is, but I love him. Thank god that some scientist is brave enough to state the obvious.

DMV47 said...


i'm utterly speechless - and it isn't because of last night's turkey.

thanks for posting!

Mark said...

thanks for posting this Ginger.
Bill is also responsible for this

AlwaysaTruthseeker said...

When did infant car seats/infant carriers gain wide use in the UK? In the USA, if you graph the use of infant car seats with usage on one axis and time in years on the other axis; then graph the cases of autism on the same axis as car seat usage, and the time in years on the other axis, you will find that they fit one on the other - almost identical graphs. This is not an indictment of life-saving infant car seats, it is an indictment of using car seats or any other type of infant carrier instead of holding one's baby. Babies kept in plastic containers are denied the stimulation of human touch that is necessary for building dendrites that enable the child to connect with others. I see more and more parents lugging around their babies in those awkward plastic car seats instead of holding them. That loss of contact cannot continue without consequence. I believe autism is that consequence.

Mark said...

we didn't have a car