October 9, 2008

Louise Rocks Fox and Friends Today

Louise Kuo Habakus and Claudine Liss from the New Jersey Coalition for Vaccine Choice were on Fox and Friends today and did a wonderful job of explaining why forced vaccination is a bad idea.

For the record, I can't remember seeing Fox News do anything on the vaccine autism connection, so props to the ladies for getting this interview!

Don't forget the Vaccine Choice Rally on October 16th.


hellokittiemama said...

Louise & Claudine did great on there. I just put this on my blog too! Obviously a topic I feel strongly about :)

Leora said...

Thank you for this post.

I live in New Jersey, and I am glad my daughter is in First Grade and not in kindergarten so I don't have to face this issue. My kids hardly ever get sick, so why should I give her the flu shot? My father got sick from his flu shot.