May 27, 2008

Nate Tseglin is Going Home

It has been a long and difficult week with Ashley's passing, and it is good to be able to report some good news for a change.

Nate Tseglin, who was taken from his family by CPS more than a year ago for scratching his neck and arms, and has spent the time since then being forcibly drugged into oblivion and into a seizure disorder, is finally going home.

Today the judge released him and he and his family will begin to travel on a long road of physical and emotional healing from this abuse of the system. Pray for Nate and his family, especially pray that the physical harm that his incarceration has wrought on him can be undone.

I have asked my father in law, Steve Taylor, who attended the last two hearings, and called with the good news today, to guest blog his experiences and all the details:

“Do you understand what happened?” Nate Tseglin’s lawyer asked. “You are free to go home – for the first time in a year and a half.”

It was hard to take in. Nate’s mom and dad, and many others, had worked so hard to bring this day to pass.

Yet, in less than an hour-long hearing in Orange County Superior Court – much of the discussion focusing on jurisdictional issues and other legal technicalities - Judge Randall Sherman found no evidence that Nate is mentally disabled, or has no means of support apart from the state, and therefore ordered him released to his parents, effective today. Although technically on some form of 72-hour outpatient leave (i.e., his full release does not become official until Friday), Nate was free to go.

First stop was the office of a doctor recommended by close family friends, where Nate began the process of returning to normal life. It is a process which is expected to take months, as he is helped to grow stronger, physically and socially, is weaned away from the drugs he was given while in government custody and adjusts to his new life – now as an adult.

Because Nate has ASD, his parents and other experts expect these adjustments will not be made easily, or finish soon. Grateful and cautiously happy as they now are, they know today marks the end of one difficult journey and the beginning of another.

But they have hope, and the love, support and prayers of many friends. And their middle son, Nate, tonight is home.

-Steve Taylor


Anonymous said...

Dear Ginger and Steve,
Thank you so much for this post and all of your wonderful support! Nate and his family so appreciate this too! (So much energy and kindness you share with everyone near you!!)
Prayers for Ashley and her family too,

MDMOM said...

What an abuse by the system!

Nate and his family are in our prayers.

Unknown said...

My son was recently dx with PDD-NOS, I would love to talk to you but can't seem to get the email to go through. Could you plese email me at I'm interested in the Sensory Learning Ctr. and other methods you've used.
Thanks so much,