December 1, 2006

Online Confrence on Oxalates


Good day from The Great Plains Laboratory in Lenexa, KS! We are happy to announce that Dr. William Shaw has recently completed new research on the role of Oxalates in Autism. This research has been summarized in an article available on our website at

This comprehensive article includes an explanation of how oxalates (derivatives of oxalic acid) are metabolized in the body and influenced by intestinal flora, toxic metals, the copper/zinc ratio, and pyridoxic acid levels. The article provides a list of dietary changes and treatments that will minimize absorption of oxalates from the gastrointestinal tract and the symptoms produced by high oxalates.

All of this information and MORE is available in the format of a FREE web conference with Dr. William Shaw on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 12 AT 6PM (CST)!

You MUST pre-register to participate in the FREE web conference. Please visit our website link at to pre-register!


Anonymous said...

whsh einstein were around to tell you there was no mercury vaccine in 1879

Maddy said...

On-line conference! I just retrieve my club and skuttle back into my cave!

Mom without a manual said...

Not sure why there always has to be dissention amongst the masses. We all want the same thing. How can we ever get acceptance from the rest of the world if we can't even get along amongst ourselves!!! It is so frustrating!

I am also looking forward to hearing more about the research. I listened to Dr Shaw at a conference last year.

Thanks for your posting.