November 26, 2006

CAA Stripped of Usefulness

Because Barton will be loosing his chair in a few weeks, he has decided to try to push through the CAA after taking out all the environmental research. Pretty much no point to the bill any more.

From John Gilmore at ACHAMP

As I am sure most of you may know by now the Combating Autism Act is in under consideration by the House Of Representatives in the Energy and Commerce Committee. Joe Barton, the Chair of the committee, will let the bill go forward if the remaining $45 million for environmental research is stripped out. That will mean that their will be no vaccine research, no mercury research and no enviroenmental research-- which means all the scientific research will be the same old deadend genetics that we have seen yield absolutely nothing except a never ending stream of reports about the newly discovered "autism gene." There must be at least 100 of them by now.

This bill offers us and our children virtually nothing. This bill will set the research agenda for the next five years. We believe that if Barton persists in this posture that we would be better off waiting for the new committee chair who will take over in a few weeks.

Please contact your Representatives in the House and ask them to insist that the environmental and vaccine research provisions be put back in the bill. And please spread the word though any listservs, yahoogroups, blogs, and other online communities or networks of any kind that you may belong to.

You may see the action alert by following the link here. Thanks for your help and this may be the single most important issue we have dealt with in the past few years.

John Gilmore

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